1860 Haro St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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Because of a very bad tenant this building got bedbugs in one corner of the building. Orkin pest control were notified immediately and aggressively treated the problem and surrounding suites. It took several treatments, but there have been no reports for a long time. Our policy is to take action the minute we suspect a problem.

We are currently bedbug free and will remain so if no tenant brings them in.



I discovered bed bugs in my bed a few days ago in this building. It turns out I live one suite over and above the previous entry for this location and I have now heard about this story from my neighbors and now on here.

It seems the NW corner of the building is infested. I have confirmed 2 other occurences in this area of the building.

I have been sprayed and I think they have said they will again - but I have asked for more details about my own suite pest management plan and

the overrall building plan and have not heard back.

The landlord is asking each suite not to tell the suites around it. He has previously passed out a "please call us if you have bed bugs" notice but is not doing any preventative treatments on adjacent suites to infected suites. I would have already had 2 preventative treatments if this was the case - which would probably have prevented my infestation. Also if I was informed of the proximity of the problem I would have been more vigilent looking for signs and caught this probem much earlier.

I will post soon as to the outcome

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I inspected a rental unit at this apartment complex and did not notice any visible signs of bed bugs. I asked the landlord who was showing the place if the unit had a history of bed bugs, and I was told no.
I moved into the unit five days before my lease began, a favor by from the landlord. The first night all of belongings were moved in, I woke up at 4 am covered in bedbugs.
I showered and slept on the bench outside. The next morning I told my neighbours about the bedbugs and tehy informed me

that the last tenant had a major infection, and the apartment had been cleared for months before me, as they were trying to rid the apartment of the bugs. Turns out it did not work.
I phoned the land lord the next day and he gave me the option to move out, which I took.
I threw away a new bed, and most of my belongings, terrified that the bed bugs would follow me.
A month later, the rental agency that the landlord worked for filed a dispute hearing against me for 3600 dollars for future rent and "repair" done to the unit. I was there for a few days, and did not damage a thing.
The landlord seems VERY nice, but he is not trustworthy, and will do what it takes to make his boss happy; even completely screw over a tenant. The company renting out this building will do anything to make a profit, including renting out a known bug infested unit.
I would not move here to save my life. What an absolute nightmare.

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