1850 Comox St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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Saw a bedbug crawling on the wall of a hallway numerous homes. Gross!!!

bed bugs keep coming from under our front door. they are coming from the neighbour which our landlord says is highly infected. we have had to have our place sprayed. we only find them by the front door. they say that they have sprayed his place and have to do it again. but correct me if i am wrong, if they are that infected would not the landlord make the tenant get rid of his bed? we had to rent a hotel room for a few days to be sprayed can i make them pay for the room and if we have to do it a

gain can i take owner of building to court to pay? we have pets so that is why we had to as had no where to take them.

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September 2010,the whole building is affected by bed bugs! We are in it too!
Address 1850 Comox Street,Vancouver,BC.floors 5-6-7.

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