1831 Robson St
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BED BUGS!!! Third time now I've had to get sprayed. The manager is a jerk and keeps trying to prolong the spraying unless I show "proof" of the bugs by catching them. After the third time you'd think he would just be proactive and get the spraying done. The entire building needs to be done at this point. So frustrated that I will be calling the Tenancy Act of British Columbia in the morning.

Building is infested. Moving out.

I was getting bites for a couple of weeks, initially thought it's some kind of allergy. Checked the bed a few times and couldn't find anything. Got more bites and literally ripped the bed apart. Found one bug, it escaped the steamer though. Contacted the manager and they sprayed on Monday, Nov 19 2012. So far so good. No new bites and will get them to spray again next week. Threw away the bed, bedding, pillows, box spring etc. Might be just paranoid but better this way instead of living with bug

Hopefully the spraying worked.

P.S. Been living in this building for more than 4 years now, first time had any problems with bugs

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This building is going to make me become "religious". Why? Simple. Now I have to pray, pray, pray that the bed bugs are "gone" for good after just one spraying. Management has decided one spraying is good enough because just one was found in my bathroom and no other signs of infestations exist in my unit. If there are anymore, I hope they've moved along.

Spraying now complete in unit #61.
The Abel Pest Control employee told me they would do a follow up treatment in 2 week's time as part of their service however the manager then told me he doesn't know if it is necessary. So the follow up treatment may not occur because the building manager has to check with the building owners and discuss it. We'll have to see what the manager and building owners decide this coming week. The Abel Pest Control employee says there are never any guarantees th

at the treatment gets rid of all bugs, so, I'm now hoping and hoping and hoping that I have no more bed bugs in my unit and that they will stay out.

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Bed bug found this morning in unit #61, crawling on the floor of my bathroom. It is the first time I have spotted any bed bug in my unit but I had heard of others having had them in the past in this building. I immediately crushed the bed bug this morning with some tissue paper, immediately called the building manager, who then came down to my front door, confirmed it was a bed bug, and said he would contact Abel Pest Control to come and spray my unit. The manager has given me a list, after m

y request, of what I should do to get my unit ready for the pest control spray visit. My bed does not seem to be infested and so this might be the very first one to have come into my unit, although now I obviously see that "they are around". I hope the spraying works.

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there was bed bugs so big they carried me out to the garden and would have eaten me if i haddn\'t woke up!!!!!!!!

Bed bugs found in aot 1001, months after initial finding in building

all reports of bed bugs have been dealt with, quickly and efficiently by the management all in accordance with the RTO, this is a vancouver wide problem.

Management has kept the bed bug problem a secret. The source is NOT the issue, the law requires the landlord control all pest both under the city health code and the Residential Tenacy Code

bed bugs caused by tenant, who didn't report problem for almost a month, then refused to carry out the necessary preparatory steps before the apartment was sprayed. i believe this apartment was sprayed 5 times.
ps. managemant did post signs before spraying common areas

Bedbugs were also found and fumigated for in 1101. Landlord hasn't told anyone or posted signs.

Bedbugs found in apartment 702. Landlord fumigated. Did not advise any tenants that bedbugs are in the building or that fumigation was taking place

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