1825 Haro St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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Bedbugs can stay dormant for up to18 months... even if they paint
the only way to exterminate is by properly treating the problem and it takes more then one treatment to kill them.

Also all reports have to be dealt with or they will keep spreading.

i woke up this morning with red patches on my right arm.
Oct 1 2012

i have expensive antique furniture.. i really hope this red spots are not bedbugs..

This building has silver fish and other sink crawlers..that keep coming out..i b

leach the sinks weekly..but they keep crawling out

From other posters i believe they are right, management in this building is incompetent and not helpful at all.

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April 9, 2012
Bed bugs showed up my bedroom just before the Easter weekend. I reported it to landlord and was told they could not get anyone in until Monday because of the Easter weekend. I suggested there were companied that would come on the holiday weekend, and the landlords said they would not call anyone because it was not an emergency!!!

Monday has arrived, it's about noon, still no extermination people coming to look after the problem before it gets bigger than it is.

Seriously pl

an to move, not only because of the vermin, but also the fact the the bdg management seems so unwilling to deal with what will become a problem throughout the entire bdg in short order.

Lived here for ten years with no problems before this.

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To anyone still living in this building and dealing with bedbugs, an exterminator with bedbug sniffing dogs needs to be called in. The problem won't be solved by treating one infected suite, all affected suites need to be treated. When are landlords in the West End going to understand this?

@ Anonymous on 03/23/2011

You are correct about one thing, this building does have incompetent landlords. But the bed bug problem can not be solved in one suite alone when there are bed bugs throughout the building. The whole building needs to be treated.

@ Anonymous on 03/17/2011

Most people are affected by bed bugs, but some are not. You must be one of the lucky ones they do not like the taste of. For those who are wondering if their suite is infested, check yourself for unexplained l

ittle red welts, and then demand some action from your landlord.

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I moved into the building in 2010 after asking whether the caretakers whether they had any bed bugs. I was told no, so I moved in without knowing that there was a bed bug registry available in BC that I could check into.

Two months into my stay I discovered that there were cockroaches in my suite so the exterminator was called. Two weeks following the extermination I discovered the suite had bed bugs. It was a Friday evening so I called the caretaker who advised me it would have to be deal

t with on Monday. I waited and he did not get back to me. I tracked the caretaker down and he told me that he would book the apointment. Another week passed and I heard nothing from the caretakers at which point I told them it was taking too long and I was worried that the problem would spread and the bugs were multiplying. At this point the caretaker told me that I had brought the bugs in and they did not cover exterminations. He advised me that the last tenant had to pay for the extermination and if I wanted he could get me a quote, and asked me if I still wanted to proceed, and offered to break my lease as I did not seem happy there.

There are many elderly people in this building on a fixed income, I asked him how many would be able to afford this extermination cost if they found it, and how quickly the problem would spread if you left it up to the tenants to exterminate their own place. How many people living from pay cheque to pay cheque would just ignore it and move out and then the whole building would have a full on infestation on their hands. I told him that this was in violation of tenants rights. He asked for documentation and by the end of that day I provided it to him. He said he would schedule an appointment with the exterminator. I called him on Monday to ensure this was completed and was advised that it would be a two week wait to have the exterminator come out. So just a recap this is already five weeks of little to no action on behalf of these caretakers while these bugs are multiplying and I am paying them rent for a unit I am no longer living in.

I gave the caretaker the list of his responsibilities for what the exterminator needed done in order to ensure the bed bugs did not return such as sealing all holes in the walls and base boards. This was never completed, nor did the caretakers advise me of what happened in the treatments and what was discovered and where the bugs were discovered.

The suite is then sprayed a second time that month. Two months go by and I then decided to take my bedroom back and try to sleep in my bed, and as I am placing the mattress cover on the mattress a bed bug scurries by. I then advise the caretakers that they need to heat treat the unit as the infestation was left too long untreated in the beginning and something more drastic needs to be done. They refused as this was more costly. They offered to spray the unit again. As the caretakers were away on vacation for two weeks I made two apointments to meet with the owner of the building to discuss what had occured in this suite. Both meetings he agreed to and were on his time table and he failed to show up for either meeting. As they had previously agreed to break my lease I then took them up on the offer and made the decision to throw away all of my furniture and start again. If the building was managed by competent caretakers I would have made the decision to stay and fight the infestation until it was eliminated, but as I was being shuffled aside and the issue was largely ignored until it was out of control I had no other option but to leave with my clothes and items that could be heated in the dryer.

This cost me over $3000 in replacement furniture and removal fees all because the management failed to take the appropriate action in a timely fashion.

Bed bugs are a fact of life in the west end. I am in no way stating don't rent a place in this building because it has bed bugs. It is poorly managed and this is why I am warning against this place. Don't put yourself through this move on to the next listing.

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I have been living in the building for almost 7 years, no bedbug so far!!!

It should be for sure.....not reporting does not solve our infestation problem......how do you go about reporting it.

I lived in this building for a while and left because of the bedbug problem. I'm surprised this building isn't on the map. It must be because most of the long-term tenants are non-internet savvy seniors.

Discovered bedbugs in the sink and in the tub - obviously coming through plumbing. Located a couple near the baseboards.

Unfortunately, where there is one, two, three, there are many more.

12 Story highrise - no way to determine where they are coming from. Most residents have been in the building for many decades.

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