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Bed bugs found on move in. Land lord was very helpful in assisting in extermination although we are arguing about costs now & I feel this experience has strained our relationship. As a new tennant it was difficult to report however they sort of 'took responsibility' for extermination. I still encurred costs involved with cleaning my laundry, binning items, and steaming the soft items such as bed, shoes, soft furnature etc. I was in limbo for four weeks as we had to deal with the exterminatio

n process.

PCO came and sprayed however did not offer to steam any of the soft items such as bed, chairs etc. They were quite quick with the spray and were more interested in selling me bed covers etc to earn commission. I was quite dissappointed with their service. They charged the landlord $350 for 10 minutes of spray - and wanted to return again in 14 days for another $350 - I rented an industrial steamer from home depot and steamed the shit out of everything. once with the exterminator spray and again 2 weeks later. This took me about 20 hours each time but is the most effective and environmentally friendly way to kill these bugs.

The landlord is going to know who posted this but hey - he kicked in and helpped clean the problem. kudo's to the one landlord in vancovuer who knows to kick this problem in the butt right away!!
I am not sure where they came from but we didn't have any in our last place and the tennants in the suite 'vacated' their lease.... there was a lot of cleaning and painting (saw the place before and after) so I have my suspicions that they were infested. It only took one night of a guest sleeping on the floor to discover these critters.

Want to get rid of these pests? Rent a wall paper steamer from home depot, launder all your clothing and bedding and steam the shit out of every square inch of your pad. I can say we were successful in doing this - its been 4 weeks since the second treatment - no pests - lets hope we can confirm that again in another 4 weeks!

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