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Not just Bedbugs!
They also shutting off the heat for 5 months in the year even when is part of the rent,with out any explanation or compensation!and wont $ 1400 and more for rent!
And when you ask, they shut you off with "it is broken"

Perhaps this report comes a little late; however, bed bugs were found in several suites on several floors of the building dating back to the summer of 2014 - December 2014. While the effected suites were *eventually* successfully treated, the entire process was a farce.

"Canforce Pest Control" was called in to perform inspections. They arrived on site without any protective gear/coverings/sniffer dogs, and performed quick 2-3 minute inspections in each suite. Property management was quick

to blame its tenants for damages, and eviction notices were doled out enmasse.

Communication was poor, procedures were not properly defined, and it appeared that Canforce worked directly with Ottman Properties to evict tenants - most feel this was in order to obtain new tenants at higher rents.

Upon speaking with several other tenants, all disputed the eviction notices with the Residential Tenancy Board, and all were overturned as Ottmann Properties was not able to prove that any one tenant was the source of infestation.

Renters beware.

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I have lived in this apartment for almost a year and everything is really clean. I have never had any bedbug problems or heard of anyone that has had any issues. It's a great place to live.

Hello again, I'm the one who moved in on August 1st and no bed bugs so far in my apartment. I'm wondering what floor does the person who keeps complaining about beg bugs lives on? It seems they are very upset and I'm just curious. I definitely am not the management or a bed bug company. Just a normal tenant, who actually pays quite a bit to rent in this building. I know there are a lot of older people living there who may pay less. Anyways, please let me know more, seeing that I still have

10 more months on my lease. And Reese are you living at this apartment or are you living in another apartment on Burnaby street? If so, why are you reporting your problems of another building under this address? Just curious, thanks again everyone for your input!!! I'm the type that psychs myself out with these things so it's going to bother me till I get a straight answer. Plus I bought all new furniture and I don't want anything to get ruined.

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There are many tenants living in this building who are afraid to force the landlord to rid their suites of bedbugs. They stay quiet about it since they fear having to move out of an apartment where the rent is much cheaper than it would be if they had to leave. Keep that in mind.
Also how is it possible that many buildings in the West End have problems with bedbugs and this one somehow manages to get rid of bedbugs 100%? Pest control companies need the business of bedbug infested apartments. Th

ey keep them in business so if a landlord says make sure you give us a 100%- no-bedbugs-found inspection report then that's what the pest control will do to keep these landlords as customers. The laundry room of this building is sprayed by the company that provided the false no-bedbug report. Do not be fooled.

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The people who believe that beg bugs can be removed easily or paint an illusion that they can be are law suit bait. My building manager on Burnaby Street has been in a pitched battle for over 2 years now with bed bugs and she's losing the battle - it appears. If you have left one bed bug alive it's only a matter of time before she lays her eggs and produces 5 offspring. It takes only ONE. And really, for a perspective tenant, do they really care who is to blame? If indeed its a filthy tenant

who's contaminating the building who on earth is going to move into your building anyway - who cares who's fault it is? If your building is contaiminated it's only a matter of time before the tenant is forced to throw out his matress and sofa. The landlord will be held accountable for non-disclosure. PERIOD. When my lease is up in 8 months time I am out of my Burnaby Street unit and moving to either North Vancouver or New Westminster. And of course the last thing I will dream of is owning a condo on the West End. I'm done with this filthy place.

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The people writing here are most probably management. You can tell by how they are quick to put the blame for bedbugs on tenants who pay a lot to live in the building. Placing blame on tenants will not help rid the building of bedbugs since it will make tenants fearful to speak openly about the problem. Two bedbug reports at one building and they are both blamed on tenants- shame on management! That's no way to treat paying customers. How does management explain bedbugs at their other properties

in the West End? Why not ask them?

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Thanks everyone for answering my question. I agree that this building is super clean, that's why I was happy to see that there was a vacancy. It seems like a great building to live in, can't wait to move in :)

To 'Anonymous' : Yes the bedbugs are gone. They've been gone a while. I agree with below poster, cleanest building Downtown. Even when the bedbug situation first came up (by the way, it was brought in by one tenant who brought it from another building. A second situation a man claimed to have them so he could get out of his lease, but he didn't have them. Very sneaky.) They took care of the situation immediately. I'm very pleased living here and have been for a number of years.

The bedbugs are 100% gone. The building is both clean inside and out. In my opinion, the cleanest building downtown. Very lucky to have found it.

Hi there,

I'm moving into Peter Manor on August 1, 2010. I'm wondering if there are still bedbugs or is the building bedbug free?

Thanks in advance!

Dec 27th Reporter,
Please contact [email protected] about what happened.
Thank you.

Was today's performance by the bedbug storm troopers meant to rid the building of bedbugs when each unit was checked for about 2 to 5 minutes each? Was that enough time to properly scrutinize bed seams, pillows, sheets, headboards, alarm clocks, and night stands? The bedbug inspectors were excellent modes of transportation for the hitchhiker bedbug to be taken from one unit to another. It's common knowledge that bedbugs are nocturnal feeders, so why did management have them come investigate from

9am to 12pm? By that time, most bedbugs have gone back into hiding until their usual 1am to 5am feeding time!

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What has happened since?
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December 2009 bedbugs at this location. pest control have attended once. will update over next few weeks. please post here if any other tenant has experienced any problems or are experiencing problems.

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