1650 Haro St
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I am Walter wrote a short note back in 2011, I have lived here 18 years and going, as I am a Senior, and my rent is geared to Pension Income it is still a bargain at $ 600. + monthly , my comment though is not so much as the recurring problem, but a new scary development into how the bedbugs now enter my suite, they enter from a neighbors toilet / bathroom / kitchen ( we share the same wall, his place was infested, as was mine, they are entering up the DRAINS from shower drain to the KITCHEN SIN

K, so they are aquatic as well, we are getting re-puiped, or plumbed, by a respected and well known contractor, they have never heard of BED BUGS coming out of the DRAINS, that's a new one, but it has defitintely happened to me, I have caught, and subsequently killed, by boiling water and Chlorox, Chlorine, up to 50 yes FIFTY Bed Bugs a day, I personally hand picked them late at night after midnight to early morning with lights on, this will attract more, ( would anyone like to buy them ) ? Most Pest Control Companies only inspect suites during office hours, between 9 a/m/ and 4 p.m., the really best time to inspect is late in the evening, and early morning, like now, when days are the shortest ( December ) Unfortunately, in some Private Buildings management cannot inspect at these hours, ( Tenancy Act ) but those people who have dim lights, and claim they never have bed bugs, they are lying, they've got them, and will spread them to others over time, Kindest Regards, and Season's greetings, Yours, Walter +++

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i have lived at sunset towers, 1650 haro st vancouver for over 15 years, and we had this problem for the last 3 or 4 years only, and yes some of the tenants have been mainly responsible for this, re-cycling old, used wooden furniture, chairs, rattan, books etc. that is only part of the story. B.C. Housing has another agenda, in the last 4 or 5 years, new criteria of tenants were introduced. ( Hard to house ) mentally ill, street people etc. and seniors have been urge, cajoled, pressured etc int

o moving OUT. Pest control companies have made lot of money on " pest control " they don't want to go out of business. furthermore the bed bug issue is a reason to harass tenants, by on site staff., it is disru[ptive and creates fear and loathing. lucrative pest control, note the word control, not pest elimination, is the operative word !! so, i fear the problem " for us tenants will NOT go away any time soon !!Some suites have been sprayed weekly for 15 months, heat treatment etc. to no avail.

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I have had to move apartments twice because the chemicals they use to spray for bedbugs cause me big problems. There is no antidote for the chemical Permethrin which is the main chemical they use. This building has been sprayed on an on-going basis since approximately 2006.A lot of people in the building as well as the building on Barclay st (1655) insist on picking up furniture and clothes etc. from beside the dumpster and bringing them into their apt.A lot of street people visit friends in bo

th buildings and I have seen not residents bring filthy clothes etc. into the laundry rooms. I doubt either of these buildings will ever be free of bedbugs.
Posted June 2nd, 2011

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Just notice it said no bedbugs at this building. That is not the case. There are many suites with an active problem. Pest control is here about once a week.
They are trying to work on it but it is hard to deal with tenants that are unaware or just simply choose to behave in manner that does not reduce the risks of infestation.

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