1650 Barclay St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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Hampton Royal Apartments
1650 Barclay Street
Vancouver, BC V6G 1K1

Dear “stop whining”,

Speaking of “self interest”... “Annonymous”? Are you stuttering in your zeal or are you telegraphing your vested interests? Me thinks that the bright neon blue of your corporate megalomania is showing through that oh so thin veil of your disguise, the characteristically condescending comments you have chosen to offer pretty much make the choice of any acronym moot.

Vacuum three times a day? Perhaps if one dedicated more of ones interest to the “birds in hand” so to speak, one could spend less time trolling bedbugregistry.com doing misdirected damage control and more time delegating and supervising the vacuuming of common areas within the building that haven't yet been vacuumed even once in more than two weeks, or are you suggesting that I should be vacuuming those areas out of my benevolence to the kind "proactive management" firm that I am so "very lucky to have", my fellow tenants and you?

Start vacuuming? First you have to assume that I have stopped vacuuming.

The purpose of this site is to report "bedbug infestations". According to written admission the fact that this building is and continues to be infested is beyond dispute. That fact is reported here in the interest of the majority of the buildings occupants who for purely selfish reasons have not been informed and/or for the consideration of any potential victims/tenants or visitors over the next 19 months or more, depending on when and if the pestilence is brought under control, will not be informed, again out of pure self interest. Furthermore, even though this "proactive management” corporation which you hold in such high esteem has sucked more blood out of me than any bedbug ever will, I have deliberately remained dispassionate and have resisted having any “tone” whatsoever.

As you know, the effectiveness of this site is based on the fact that it is listed in a searchable database. It is not a place to mitigate, trivialize or denigrate the subject or the messenger. One also has to assume that you know what company will come up as the subject if an interested party were to insert the words <“ugly blue sign”> in the search engine of their choice. God forbid that such an interested party might combine the subject company name thereby derived and <,”bedbug”> in the search engine of their choice.

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Hampton Royal Apartments
1650 Barclay Street
Vancouver, BC v6g 1k1

On November 07, 2008 at about 17:30 a notice on the letterhead of the Ontario based property management company that manages/owns(?) this building was unceremoniously shoved under my door. It indicates that one “problem suite” has been identified and that they have elected “to treat a number of suites in a specific area of the building”. Included in this notice is a “schedule to receive treatmen

t” and an evacuation notice for each of the following dates: Nov. 14 & 28, Dec. 12 & Jan. 9”. attached to the notice is a “Bedbug Prep Sheet” outlining a ludicrous but probably necessary 20 line, 60 plus item list of “MY” responsibilities that essentially states that EVERYTHING I own has to be removed, cleaned, sterilized and sealed in plastic bags for the next two months, my bed has to be sealed in a “bedbug bag” and stood on edge, all light fixtures and electrical plate covers have to be removed, the fridge and stove have to be pulled out, intoa kitchen that is only 32” wide all curtains have to be removed and cleaned, all pictures have to be removed cleaned and stacked in the middle of the room, all appliances, lamps, clocks, computers, etc. have to be unplugged, cleaned and stacked in the middle of the room, all desks, chairs, furniture have to be cleaned and stacked in the middle of the room, etc... and this has to be done on each of the four separate dates, all with no indication that I have a problem or any assurance that this will solve it.

There is no on site manager, the contact persons number has been removed from where it has always been posted in the past and their office doesn't reopen until Monday morning.

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