1640 Alberni St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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I remember living here in 1997 and they had cocroaches galore on 15th floor.. I think this manager does nothing. I would avoid living here.

I meant DE

Hi, I am living on the second floor right now. Have got bitten once or twice a night for about a month. Found one of the suckers, definitely a bedbug. Am just beginning with DA, and raid today.

I lived there from 2006-2008. It was reported in just 1 corner apartment (next to mine), on the 2nd floor. The management was excellent and took immediate action with the exterminators coming in the next day. They did the affected apt plus the two neighbouring apartments for good measure. Never had a problem before or after that incident.

i have just evacuated #1603 - 1640 Alberni St. at the end of november.
when i looked at the apartment in april 2005, the girl living there was sleeping in a tent! I didn't know why until april 2008 when my nightmare began. But after a couple sprays they were gone until october when they returned, two more sprays, washed the clothes etc. but they just kept coming so i left -
may still have them, but its hard to say because the bites can re-emerge on their own according to an exterminator i s

poke with -

after the first infestation i bought a new bed and put the feet in pots of oil - this is something i would HIGHLY recommend - i still have my bed and only got bitten elsewhere in my apartment -

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To west end girl. Sorry but I strongly disagree with the earlier poster, and there is no need to vacuum your apartment 3x per day. That is crazy!!! No working person would ever get rid of the bugs if that kind of action was required. Please talk to pest-control professionals and also educate yourself online. Diatomaceous earth (DE) is a great way to prevent reinfestation after your place is professionally treated -- most professionals recommend a thorough vacuuming 3 days after spraying (

and other procedures they will tell you about such as washing all linens and putting cushions etc in a hot dryer for 30 mins, etc), and a second spraying within 2 weeks. Of course as much as you can vacuum is helpful, but daily is not needed. After the second spray and vacuuming, you can put down the DE.

Best wishes!

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Hi "West end girl at wits end",

is Hollyburn helping out with the problem? What floor are you on? Have you spoken to other residents?

I have a friend who is a tenant at Brockton, and would like to know what is being done.

If Hollyburn is not assisting, we should go to the BC gov't resident tenancy branch or the media.

I moved into my current apartment in March 2006 when shortly after, I started to notice itchy bite marks all over my body, particularly on my arms, calves, feet and waistline - areas of skin that were exposed as I usually slept in a T-shirt and shorts. The bites were so excruciating, I ended up hopstilized - twice!

Doctors and nurses couldn't figure out what the bites were when finally a dermatologist filled me in on the huge bed bug problem in Vancouver.

After months and months of enduri

ng this horrible experience, I finally, got my apartment sprayed in early Jan 2007 - 10 months after my first incident with these buggers (pun intended). Bed bugs, I later learned can lay dormant for months and months, so there were months without activity which was why it took so long before I alerted my landlord of this problem.

My landlord, initially took action but when it came time to do the second spraying within 10 days (which is the proper procedure), I didn't get my apartment sprayed until almost 3 weeks later which may have rendered the 1st spraying less effective.

It is now Nov 06/08 and yesterday, as I was getting ready to dress for work, the pant I picked out from my closet had, you guessed it, a very lively bed bug!! My heart sank. On Halloween night, I found 9 bites, three days later, 2 more bites and then actually saw the one on my pant.

I am very stressed now thinking about having to get my apartment sprayed again - it is not fun having all your belongings piled up in the center of your home - and praying they don't crawl into anything once the apartment does get sprayed....
and I just bought an expensive new sofa *sigh*

I am at my wits end with this situation!! I don't know what to do anymore - aaarrrghhhh!

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