1601 Barclay St
Vancouver, BC V6G

Found 4 reports:

Advised property manager dont know about this problems , resident manager slhoud call pest control and did
all unit in 7 th floor and all floor something 6th floor all unit and hallways
rigtht to complain letter to manager
othervised call the tenancy board , they has to to treatment >

September 25, 2008 - Building Superintendant said bedbugs are on the 6th floor. 603 was treated, 602 was not, although some were sighted near the entrance door and in the hallway.

I've heard of two confirmed bed bug infestations at this building an I don't know how many that hasn't been "outed". There is now a report that someone on the 7th floor has bed bugs, yet the property manager does not treat the adjacent suites. Apparently we have to be infested before we are treated.

Bedbugs in building reported by building manager

No nearby bug reports