1531 Beach Ave
Vancouver, BC V6G

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Oct 10, 2012

I've lived here for two years. I've never seen a single bed bug. Maybe that's the case on other floors, but so far, I guess I've been lucky.

And as for the comment about new landlords every other month, There have been 3 different building managers in the two years that I've been here, but the building has remained under the same management since I moved in.

That comment was not accurate.

Lots and lots of bugs! I actually saw them almost every night, their in the walls as well. I spoke to the landlord but they go through a landlord about once a month so nothing ever got done. I had to move out, I would avoid this building and its bugs.

I lived in this building for 3 years. Around January I started noticing the bugs, it just got worse and worse from there. Management refused to acknowledge the problem so I ended up having to move out because they are in other apartments too. A lot of tenants are moving out and they always have apartments available. BEWARE!!

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