1521 Burnaby St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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i've been living here for 3 years in this building and i've never had any incidence regarding bedbugs.im surprised to see other reports.i live on 3rd floor.

July 5/10
My friend lives here. They moved in last year with no incidents. I stayed with them last night and my body has about 15 bites and her neck has numerous bites. I caught 5 bugs for proof to the landlord. She will be contacting the landlord to take care of this matter. She will report how quickly it was resolved.

I have been living in unit 705 since last Aug/09. I have never found any evidence of bed bugs until last night. (June/10). I was going to bed, and found a single bed bug in my bed! I called the landlord today and will update as to what happens next. I will prob move ... so gross. Has anyone else heard anything more about this building?

Found one little bedbug this morning on a sheet, a week after moving in. Not quite what I wanted to see. Suite 804.

I live here 1521. el presidente. i am very surprised to see my building here- I had no idea, and nobody has mentioned. i do recall the memo though
i shall ask around and report back.

i am especially amazed 7 0r 8 affected ( out of 43 total) thats a very high percentage!!!!

I cannot tell you of the apartments infested as the caretaker kept the units very secret. In the building memos the cartaker even tried to cover the type of infestation by never mentioning the bugs by name only refering to them as unwelcome visitors. There were at least 7 or 8 appartment affected and the extermination company made a special visit to deal with the problem. We were able to take advanced measures to protect our selves thanks to the internet. This is a building of pet owners and

so it is very friendly and everyone talks with everyone else. Animals do bring people together.
The problem is solved for now and we continue to stay.

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