1500 Pendrell St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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The manager is great in addressing any problems. I don't have bedbugs in my unit and even if I did I would discretely ask the manager for assistance in removing these pests. I understand that it is a problem that can happen to anybody. Just sitting on a stool at starbucks can have these bugs attach to your clothing.
Best to report any problems right away rather than trying to point the finger at building owner.
Iam told that another source is people moving that rent uhaul vans and drag thei

r furniture on the truck deck rather than wrapping their moving contens in plastic for a move. Just a couple of thoughts for people to contain what appears to be a vancouver problem. I also recommend that nobody buy used furniture or junk from garage sales as these could be contaminated and you are just bringing the problem to a new location.

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No offense intended Dave, but we here have learned to ignore most of the assertions of landlords and building managers when it comes to these pests.

i am the bldg manager , & this report is false

Just wanted to let you know that I have bedbugs in my apartment. I noticed bites about 2 weeks ago. I am trying to get rid of them by sealing any cracks in the bedroom. We are also buying a new mattress.

I get on average about 2 bites per night. I've inspected my mattress thoroughly and I've also vaccuumed it and I've only seen one bed bug, but there must be others hiding inside. I've also found one more bedbug in the lint trap of my dryer.

So there are bed bugs in 1500 Pendrell from at le

ast April 18th to now.

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