1485 Davie St
Vancouver, BC V6G
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I lived in this apartment building in 2004. We had bedbugs there for 6 months. The landlords were good enough to send in Allied Pest control twice, but the fumigator, after fumigating twice said that fumigation was useless because the infestation problem was too much, and that they were getting into our apartment from someone else's. He said that everyone would have to be cleared out of the building and the place fumigated 3 or 4 times over the month -not very practical for a landlord trying to

make money to put everyone in the building up for a month! So, the landlord, thank you for you efforts, but I think the problem may be bigger than just fumigating an apartment at a time.

We had to throw out our bed, as well as as a couple of other pieces of furniture because there was no way of getting rid of them. Moved out when our lease was up. It's too bad, the apartment was nice, the price right, location great and the management pretty good. Unfortunately, this problem seems to come with the territory -the West End has always been notorious for bed bugs!

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I am the resident manager for the Warrington apartments and would like to assure anyone concerned that our building is bed bug free. We had a problem in early 2007 and after several months of repeated treatments by Allied Pest Control, I am happy to announce that there have been no bedbug issues in the Warrington for the past 6 months.

Anyone who is familiar with bedbug treatment will tell you that success almost always requires several treatments.

I would also like to suggest that anyo

ne reading the previous comments take them with a grain of salt. This website does not verify any information and allows people to post anonymously.

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I moved in 1485 Davie St (The Warrington) found bugs crawling on my first day of that apartment.

I immediately talked to my landlord,but the response was very slow.

-First fumigation a week later

Bugs kept coming back and attacking me so badly
that I could not sleep properly. Got bitten literally everywhere including a face.

We asked 4 fumigations in total still it did not solve the problem.
During this nightmare period, I started to learn that this building had been doomed with t

his problem for 4 years and notorious for this problem.

I could not stand that I ended up moving out.
Problem of bugs seemed so persistent and I got an impression that the managing of that building was very poor and neglectful.

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since finding a few bedbugs I awoke last night to something biting my foot and I got out of bed, flipped on the light and was horrified to see how many bedbugs had infested my bed...guess I\'ll have to have the place fumigated again! It leaves one feeling sleepless and itchy

I began noticing bedbugs in the bathroom on a small ledge. The building management company paid to have my suite fumigated twice but i still find the occassional bedbug and have since found out that many suites in this building have had the same problem.

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