1450 W Georgia St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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Apartment below us had bedbugs, but we never saw them. Exterminators came about 5-6 times to our place because the infestation downstairs was so bad.

After they finally got rid of them, we had new neighbors move in to our right. Guess what they brought with them!
This time we saw bedbugs all right :(

We used to live in this building. Lots of bedbugs!! The exterminators went almost every month and we had to clean wash our clothes and vacuum every day. After five months the bedbug problem in our appartment seemed to go away, however with so many people around not cleaning their appartments, it was an impossible battle and they came back.

i used to live in 1450 w Georgia.. and me and my roomate at the time rented a 1 bedroom apt but we told them that if a 2 bedroom came up we would like to see it.. so a month goes by and one came up, we looked at it n it was nice no signs of bugs it was just finished been fixed up and we asked them if there was bedbugs in there n he said his 99% sure there was none.. so we got the keys and started moving in a few days later. not even a hour of moving in a bedbug came out of the closet and ran to

me i called my roomate over and said that looks like a bed bug we looked it up and sure enough we called our landlord n told him he said he will come n look in the morning.. once we got off the phone one ran up my leg n they started coming out left n right crawling on the walls on our bags.. we called him again furious cuz they said 99$ sure .. we still had the key for the 1 bedroom so just went back there to sleep there was no way we were sleeping in there not even a hr been in that apt was disgusting they had to end up spraying both apts we made them spray the apt 2 times to make sure they were dead ..

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Me and my girlfriend are found the bed bugs in our apartment. My girlfriend got the bite around all her backside and both arms, i think almost more than 200 bites on her body in this past 4 months.me got the bites around my both arms. finally we found the bed bugs around our sleeping mattress....then we got the pest control ltd. come to look. we hope no more bed bugs in our apartment and all the worlds.........................................

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