1445 Pendrell St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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I was renting a room in the apartament 103, en after a week I started of having a lot of bites.... After the doctor and the development of the bites, every could see that was bed bugs. I took all the important things and just left. The manager of the building knows about the bed bugs, and actually the roommate that I have there, she knows too!! All the building is infected. They just want your money and they just lie about the bed bugs.

We have been residing at 1445 Pendrell St. for over a year and when we moved in the landlord told us the apartment had been sprayed for bugs because of trees being cut down next door. Obviously complete misguidance so we would sign a year lease and have little rights when trying to break the lease due to the bed bugs. When the Landlord was confronted about his original statement he stuck with his truth and now claims that we are the only suite with bedbugs in the whole building. Frustration wi

th this place never ends, we have lost a king size bed and a couch due to this with obviously no compensation...

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management just chases them around. no idea how to deal with the problem. If you come without them you'll get them here. creepy!

we need an exterminator to contact everyone in the building to get rid of this mess. i can't sleep at night for fear of the bugs. not sure if i have them but i know that a lot of people did and a lot of people don't wash everything like they should.

just totally infested with bugs.. ants.. probably bed bugs.. finding bites all over.. management is useless, the landlord smokes cigarettes in the elevator for crying out loud - he does not give a sh*t about anyone in the building

August 09

This building has bedbugs for several years. Management has been ineffective at treating them

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