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Dear Anonymous:

Whenever I have had a report of a problem in a suite I have taken immediate action to correct the situation. We recently had an inspection of several suites in the building and nothing was found. Bed bugs are very difficult to deal with, because they travel so easily. You can be on a bus, at a theatre, or even at church, and bed bugs will attach themselves to your clothing. Your best friends may have them in their building and bring them along when they come to visit you. Even

if we were to ask tenants to leave the building for 24 hours and spray every suite at one time it might not help. Where there is a transient population it is an uphill battle. We will continue to be diligent in this matter and ask all tenants to work with me to once again have a bed bug free building.

Lloyd (Building Manager)

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My unit has been treated more than once for the last year. I do not know about the "top company ", but they are not so efficient ,imho. I talked with a couple of my neighbours , who MOVED OUT , they had them a year ago , 2 years ago etc. The manager is very nice about the problem , but he did not inform people when everything has started. The laundry room was not sealed and treated and even if it was NOBODY told about it . Stories about the tenants who moved out for the treatment are RIDICULOUS

, because the treatment has to be done with people in the unit .And laundry has to be done and proper cleaning. Otherwise the pest company will not treat a unit. In any case it is such a pleasure to stay in your bed and BREATHE waiting for them to COME . I JUST LOVE IT
And let's talk about the problem. Let's meet somewhere and find the truth in the beautiful story , that "ALL WEST END IS INFECTED" , because they will be crawling from one apartment to another ENDLESSLY and our sweet manager will be changing tenants every half a year o:))))

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1 month update:

Building Manager has been AMAZING! Very helpful, understanding and proactive. A top pest company was hired to come in right away and not only treat but inspect to make sure that other units are not an issue. Any that were have also been treated.

The 3 main things I have learned and would like to share are:

1. About 90% of the buildings in the West End have had this problem at some point, as have many of all major cities top hotels. It's not an issue of cleanliness but be

ing aware, always washing everything in HOT after any hotel stay or traveling, catching the issue very quickly and being proactive. And, as the manager said, do not take in 2nd hand furniture without VERY careful inspection and never mattresses!

2. Not all people react to bites! If there is a problem in a building, some people may not react but if they are not treated the problem will continue to spread - know what to look for, not just bites and follow ALL instructions from the professionals through treatment.

3. MOST IMPORTANT - Stay in the unit or home while it is being treated!!! The last tenant did not because they were not told how crucial it was to the success of treatment and so stayed elsewhere during the few weeks the unit was being treated(who could blame them) BUT because they did not stay in the unit - the bugs came back! The bugs are attracted to your breathing, come out and cross the poison and die. If you do not stay in the unit for treatment then they do not come out, they do not hit the poison and THEY DO NOT DIE. So as hard as it is - STAY PUT! I put a small tin bowel around each leg of my bed and then that in a larger bowl, filling the space between the 2 bowls or "moat" with Murphy's oil soap. It meant I could stay without them getting to me and as long as it is not your mattress that is infested - works like a charm!

I am at 2 weeks now with no bites and very optimistic but it was hard work, I did everything by the book and had a great building manager. There are a lot of horror stories out there and it is hard to not get sucked into the hype but remember, the people who get rid of them easily don’t usually bother to post so you are reading the worst case scenarios. No, it is not a fun experience but if you are diligent and have a good building manager, you can get rid of the problem!

I will write again if things change but for now my unit seems to be free of pests and I am optimistic they are gone for good.

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I am aware of the problem the above tenant speaks of. Our building has never had a problem with bed bugs until recently. With the transient population of the area and people purchasing used furniture I guess it was bound to happen. We have set in place a plan of action to rid the building of these pests, and we will win the war.

As I travel through the lanes in the west end I have recently noticed many mattresses (some fairly new)and sofas near dumpsters. I can only assume that many of these

are infested with bed bugs.

In closing I would caution west end tenants not to purchase used furniture, particularly mattresses and sofas from anyone. If you do you might regret it.If tenants and building managers work together on this issue we will once again sleep in peace.

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September 2009

After being in the building for a few months (and noticing bites that were attributed to mosquitoes), we found numerous bed bugs one night while we were sleeping. We found out after the fact that there is a problem in other upper units as well (ours had been sprayed right before we moved in). We are still not sure where they are coming from or how they are getting into the suite. This has been a lot of work to treat but the building manager is working with us and we are hopin

g this last bout of extermination should solve the problem. After living in the West End for 7 years we have never had to deal with this. From now on we will ask if the building and/or suite has ever had a bed bug problem.

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