1421 Burnaby St
Vancouver, BC V6G

Found 4 reports:


Around may of 2012 within 1421 burnaby in the hallways and wall of the apartment, bugs were found.

This website is a joke. Anyone can submit anything they want whether it is the truth or fiction. No requirement to register and no screening or confirming submissions. Don't trust this site. 90% of write ups are from disgruntled tenants who have never had bed bugs. If you want the truth, speak to current tenants and management, then formulate your own opinion.

Bugs are here, every other building on the laneway, furniture is purged along with clothing.
Bugs are bad here, they need to spray the entire building and steam the hallways.
Hallways are vacumed once every few months, bugs can be tracked all over the building.
Management came in with a spray quickly but good chance they came thru the wall from next door.
No one reports here....

No nearby bug reports