1419 Harwood St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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What is she talking about? I took the apartment after she left, sparkling clean, and up to now I have seen none. Building is clean,well kept,and I had no issue with any bugs, as of today April 2012. I asked my neighbors,above,below me and they had no reports or complains regarding to bed bugs. I am wandering why people deliberate want to harm a building reputation when it was a breach of annual term lease between the old tenant and landlord, in fact.

I'd been living in this building for 3 years in a bachelor pad and found out that the 1 bedroom across the hall was available, So I took it. 1 week later I found out that the old tenant has bed bugs. As this was to be my new apartment, I got worried. My landlords re-asured me that everything was ok and treatments had been done and there was nothing to worry about. Well 3 months later I have a horrible infestation of bed bugs. When I brought this to there attention I was told to steam clean my b

ed my self and everything will be ok, from this point she started to blame me for these bugs and said that the old tenant caught it from me and it was all my fault and they WOULD NOT pay for the treatment cause they just paid for 4 treatments with the previous tenant. After all this she told me NOT to tell anyone. After speaking with a few other tenants there has been 3 other apartments that have been dealing with a bad infestation of bed bugs.
August 6 2011!!!!

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