1228 Nicola St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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This website is a joke. Anyone can submit anything they want whether it is the truth or fiction. No requirement to register and no screening or confirming submissions. Don't trust this site. 90% of write ups are from disgruntled tenants who have never had bed bugs. If you want the truth, speak to current tenants and management, then formulate your own opinion.

any updates on this building, i looked at a suite to rent this weeken and it seemed nice enough, but do not want to move into this building if they are still having problems.

There was a bed bug problem about a year ago (January/February 2009) on the 15th floor. The building manager posted signs on the walls announcing the problem and shortly thereafter all the 15th floor apartments were inspected. Apparently some bedbugs were found in one of the apartments on the east side of the building.

No nearby bug reports