1122 Gilford St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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Hi, I'm the Resident Manager of the Pacific Sands Apartments.
We have had no reports of Bed Bugs in our building since June of 2010.
When and if we get a report we act immediately.

Yeah, I used to live there too that place is ureal
I moved because of it,they live in the old hardwood floors you cant get rid of them even if you spray the baddest chemicals they are used to it they been there for years Pacific Sands is pathetic with their staff of cheap owners for management they live with bed bugs they are used to bites, PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING RIP YOUR FLOORS OUT AND GET RID OF YOUR SAVAGE BED BUGS YOU CHEEPOOS PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT --BED BUGS they are all around everywhere in

the old pacific sands aprtments.

see full report...

i just got my apartment treated against bed bugs in June. This seems to have worked well as all apartments on the sides and up and down got treatment as well. No more bites!

I moved into 1122 Guildford in November and began experienceing small bites on my body. It was confirmed by my doctor that i had bed bug bites. I am now getting my place fumigated just before Christmas. I hope it works!

Apt 406:

From June through July of 2009, my fellow tenant and I have had our apartment treated four times for bed bugs. The problem began in early June, when we began experiencing several bites each night while sleeping.

After getting in contact with our neighbours on the floor, we discovered that their apartments have bed bugs as well.

No nearby bug reports