1080 Gilford St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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This apartment is a dream to live in. All down to earth, genuinely nice people in the building. The managers are the nicest and most helpful managers I have ever dealt with. Noise from time to time happens but it is few and far between and you generally know every person that lives above, below or next to you (unless you're an anti-social introvert) so a friendly "can you keep it down" is not an issue. You would be lucky to live here. If they accept your application thank them profusely because

it will honestly be a memorable part of your life.

P.S. There have never been bedbugs in this building. I have ties to people who in one way or another have known or lived in the building for the last twenty years.

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We recently moved out after 5 years and in that time we only had 1 instance of a ridiculously noisy neighbour (who lived above us) out of the 4 different people who lived above us in 5 years. We were on the ground floor, so maybe sound doesn't carry as badly if you're downstairs. However, it's an old building so some sound carrying is normal. We were sad to leave, but needed more space (had a baby).

But, there were NO bedbugs when we left, nor any time when we lived there.

Re: Postings about managers in this building:
2 new building managers took over about 2 months ago (Aug 2011) and the difference has been night and day. These 2 managers have lived in the building for years but recently took over as managers and are amazing. They genuinely care about the well-being, safety and happiness of the tenants as well as the maintenance of the building. They respond very quickly and efficiently to any issues in the building. They live on-site, unlike the last manager, w

hich means they actually care about noise complaints because they live here too.
Just wanted everyone to know! Cause this is an amazing building and I don't want people to miss out on it because of an old manager.

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Per the above: The managers tell you it's inappropriate for you to complain about noise, which, by the way, I can hear over my 30 decibel cancelling earplugs! The police just show up HOURS later and say they don't want to wake her.

I am moving out of here asap. It is not because of actual bedbugs, but the people, who are a thousand times worse than bedbugs.

Noisy neighbor? Manager does not care. Does nothing. Tells you to write a letter - but there have to be 3 letters of complaint and they way the bldg is laid out no one will EVER have 3 complaining neighbors. The mgmt won't even talk to your noisy neighbor. Neither will the landlord. And the police do **nothing.** Parties above you from 2-6 AM? Well, if you complain a

t the time they'll tell you that it's INAPPROPRIATE for you to call them. Police told me, showing up FIVE HOURS LATER, that "It looks like she's sleeping and we don't want to wake her."

The building is old and getting older. The windows are falling apart. The nails holding down the hardwood come up all the time and snag your feet. And the pipes, which need an entire new upgrade, they won't fix, so they spring leaks. The roof has leaked into apts, too.

Been here 5 year and on our 3rd set of mgrs, and these ones do not live here, will yell at you and be bitchy and rude to you if you complain. And the noisy neighbor is physically threatening & gets in your face.

Plus a lot of neighbors are now leaving cranky passive-aggressive notes everywhere, and my upstairs neighbor can party at 4am, falling down drunk, but if you do laundry for even a minute after 10 pm you might as well be a kitten-murderer.

Bottom line: pretty building, but you would HATE HATE HATE to live here. I'd rather have had nice people and bedbugs. Even a top floor isn't guaranteed safe, because things go wrong and when they do, you are sh!t outta luck.

These people will frustrate you to the point of violent thoughts.


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