1050 Bidwell St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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I've lived here for YEARS and never had a problem. It must be this suite alone, was it the bachelor on the 2nd floor? It's had high turn over over the past few years. Anyway, management does deny and lie about everything else to avoid spending a cent, and gives outrageous increases all too often. But bed bugs? No way. (PS: I'm friends with people in 5 other suites, nobody else has ever had problems either).

how do u take them to arbitration??? how does this work?

The suite next to me had a fire... this was one month prior to the date I moved in. Two weeks before I moved in, the people below that suite had reported bedbugs. When I moved in, it started in earnest.

The landlords lied to my face and told me there were no other reports of bedbugs in the building. After 6 months, I paid myself for full treatment, took the landlords to arbitration (Coldwell Banker Premier Realty were the property managers), and got the hell out.


DING! They will lie about the problem and deny you treatment.

see full report...

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