958 Bute St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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Use the only HEALTH CANADA REGISTERED Bed Bug Powder - Diatomaceous Earth.

Contact the Canada Bed Bug Prevention Center direct 604.628-1929 or email preventbedbugs@hotmail.com

How is the situation in the building now?
Was that solved? I'm thinking about moving to this building.

June 2009, their back!!

Property manager won\'t do anything until we catch or have proof....Hello!!, we\'re not stupid we had them 2 years ago remember??

Summer 2008, it started with a few bites here and there, we\'d been living in this building for a few years and this was the first sign, i hit the alarm and spread the word around the building, seems as though only a few suites had them, building management jump right on it and sent in the exterminators, confirmed presence of bed bugs.

For now it seems under control.....

Its September 26th 2007 I am moving out of my current residence at 1201 west Georgia, on account that there is a bed bug infestation that will not leave. Ive had exterminators in my apartment 3 times and still the problem persists.The landlord will only treat individual apartments but Has admitted the problem is throughout the building, as there have been several complaints. Ive noticed that traps have been placed in the basement laundry area as well.

Bedbugs are currently spreading throughout the building. Landlord is spraying only those suites which request it and it is pushing the problem around from one suite to the next. So far it doesn't seem to be a major epidemic and is under control.

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