1395 Beach Ave
Vancouver, BC V6E

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Update: great results, no bedbugs to speak of. Very prompt action from management.

October 2015: Found a single bedbug in my suite, which means that there are more. Reported to building management, they immediately called exterminators. No results yet, but they seem to be cooperative.

I never had this issue since I moved here in spring of 2008 till now.I Never heard my neighbours talk about this,either.People living here are very decent,nice and clean.Is that because somebody didn't like the rent increase and had to move out from this beautiful place so created this 'funny story' as a retorsion? lol

This is a nice, clean and well-maintained building. I have lived at this location for 3 years. There are certainly no bedbugs!

I have lived here for five years & have not had an issue with bed bugs, nor have my numerous neighbors that I have made friends with over time. This is not to discount any other reports of bed bug infestation in this building, I am simply submitted my experience at 1395 Beach Avenue for objective reference.

There were bedbugs reported in the suite below me and eventually they spread to my suite.
I was never informed there was the possibility of them in my suite nor did they do a preventative spray in my suite.
When I left they had still not even sprayed my suite.
If you live in this building there is a chance you will get them in your suite as they are not proactive in solving this problem.

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