1350 Comox St
Vancouver, BC V6E

Found 2 reports:

There are no problems with Bed Bugs at this location. Strata had one rogue issue months ago - they have been very pro-active and it has since been dealt with.

Back to an A-rated bldg!!

They had to bring the Orkan (sp) dog in.

I later saw a truck out front with guys in hazardous materials type suits show up and were taking a couch and other large pieces of furniture away.

I have been told the bugs returned to the unit(s) in question and they have had to fumigate the laundry room a few times for the same reason.

I hope the bugs don't go floor to floor. This building was not constructed very well so noise travels easily from floor to floor (up and down).

How do we kno

w the bugs won't do the same?

see full report...

No nearby bug reports