1348 Barclay St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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February 14,2011

We have been dealing with bed bugs since August of 2010, but I have been told that we must have brought them in. I see now since I have only lived here for 2.5 years that this is not the case.
Why is management not informing people and why are there no laws to prevent this.
At this time it has cost me over 2000.00, had to replace our bed.

If anyone is thinking about moving in here please reconsider.

I started getting itches on my lower back, calves, neck, and arms which I thought were mosquito bites but itched so much that I scratched them until they bled. After visiting a doctor, it was confirmed that they were bed buds. I have lived on the 19th floor for 2 years and this only happened after my nephew stayed with me after backpacking Cambodia for 3 months so I did not suspect that it was initially bedbugs. However, I was told that bedbugs are usually localized and would have been unlike

ly transferred from a foreign country. We are in the process of tracing the source as we have not physically seen any bugs yet. Hope this helps.

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I was on the 12th Floor and my apartment became infested during the spring of 2008. I was told I was the only one in the building and it was somehow my fault! Obviously not true!

I was living on 11th floor, my unit was infested with bedbugs from upstairs neighbour. Management did not inform me of the building infestation. I lost everything, had to move, and was damaged for life from this horrible expereince. Anyone living in or moving into this building run for your life!!!!

12th floor. At least two apartments now.

I\'m moving into this building next month and was not informed of any bed bugs. Is there still a problem, or have the apartments been fumigated?

Feb 28, 2008--1990 Barclay Street-three apartments so far (106, the 206, now 306!) and management is not informing everyone in the building of the precautions they need to take. Also, the laundry room is being used by the tenant of the infected apartment!!!

Adult bed bugs found on 14th and 16th floor in December 2007. Fumigation in progress.

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