1307 Harwood St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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Just wanted to let the last person who reported here for 1307 Harwood that I am sure they are not responsible for bringing the bugs into that building. I had the same problem at the end of last year. It cost me a lot of money too and I have since moved out. Hope you have managed to resolve your problem.

First off let me start of by saying the property manager at this building is VERY helpful and they are trying to resolve the issue. Very good landlord at this building.

So two weeks, after being bit on my body, I found a bed bug. I called the landlord and they called the pest control company right away and my unit was sprayed. The guy who did it seemed to NOT do a very good job though. He did not spray behind the closet, etc . . .

After the spray, I washed and dried ALL my clothing, bough

t a bed bug cover for my bed and mattress, bought new pillows, sheets etc etc etc . . . . . bought a new canister vacuum. Over all spent $800!

Just yesterday, I found a bite on my back :( now I have to contact the landlord for another spray.

I thought of moving, but most places I check in the west end through this site have bed bugs. :(

It is such a nightmare we are going through!

I am pretty sure the bug traveled from another suite within the building, because I am very well aware of bed bugs and always take measures to minimize the risk, and i haven't traveled in a year, so I am sure I did NOT bring these into my home.

Anyhow, just thought I'd let people know. These little devil spans have made our life hell!!!!!!! I HATE BEDBUGS!!!!!

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September 16, 2011 - Infestation confirmed.

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