1305 Jervis St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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This bedbug report is 4 years old. This situation was remedied at once upon being discovered and the bed bugs were from a person that had moved here from Mexico.
He probably was oblivious that he carried these bugs but was very accomodating when we needed to get rid of them.
The building since the last year has been totally renovated with a wealth of professional people living there.
There is also a facebook page that you can go on and see the pictures of the building.

This building has bedbugs, ontop of a cockroach problem. I wouldn't move here unless you are planning to do it all yourself. The Landlord doesn't care about this building and takes his time getting to your problems no matter what that is. I'm moving out as soon as possible since it is a dump here!!!!!!! Get out when you can!

building was tested - we were advised there were no bed bugs

There were bedbugs located on the second floor apartments possibly more locations as the walls and vents connect to each one. There were also cockroach infestations because of the bed bugs.

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