1280 Haro St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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I disagree with the report about the manager being great. He is a paranoid flake. I lived in this building and my suite got bedbugs. In fact, most of the building has/had them. When I gave my notice his comment was "you should stay here and fight them." Yeah right.

I used to live in this building (last year) and I did not have any problems with bed bugs. The manager lives in the building and when another tenant had bed bugs he told me and when I was concerned he even came into my suite to show me how to check my furniture and what to look for. This is a great place to live, huge suites for downtown, and a very nice manager who takes great care of the building!!!

We had bedbugs at 1280 Haro St. and beat the problem last year by using IPM Pest Control Co.
It is important to note when a report is made that the date of the problem be noted. If someone moves from a place that has bedbugs to a clean suite, they bring the bugs with them. Then we could have bedbugs again. It is impossible to guarantee that the new tenant comming in does not have them. The moving truck you rented could have them from the previous load of furniture and you would not know it.

Current tenants have picked up bedbugs from public places just by sitting in a seat where someone left the bugs behind just minutes ago. Major hotels, hospitals, movie theaters, all the buildings where people have moved in or out in the lst 2 years are prone to have bugs. The best way to deal with this is to ask when was the last time there was a problem and what was done and has the problem been resolved. Cleaning will reveal if there are bugs present because they are very visible. So if you have them you will know.

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there are bedbugs everywhere after 1 week of knowing this i moved to burnaby!

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