1255 Pendrell St
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Lived here for 4.5 years starting May of 2011. Finally moving out due to gradual rent increases. Maria is a very good manager and things get fixed here punctually, problem tenants are dealt with ruthlessly, and in general I was very happy with how this building was managed. There was always a very well maintained garden entrance to go home to. No bed bugs I could recall popping out. The assistant manager Lluvia is equally competent when substituting for Maria.

Only thing bothersome living he

re were factors not related to management like noisy alley folk and across the street parties as well as the loud dumpster service.

Overall it was a good place to reside in and I hope my experiences with future landlords can match what this place has offered me.

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It was me who went to the The Province Newspaper and reported this building back in 2008. Joey Thompson was working as a writer at the time and met us and toured the building. She was appalled. Green pool,poop in the stairwells,rude low life esl students. After the story broke Prospera was quick to sack that low life George and get the place cleaned up. The owner of Prospera Realty The Lee family ( Robert. H ) was a Chancellor and Govenor at UBC. Funny how he and his son Derek lived a double li

fe. Slum landlords on the side....Well it's cleaned up now and its a good place to live....Maria did a good job....

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It was me who went to the The Province Newspaper and reported this building back in 2008. Joey Thompson was working as a writer at the time and met us and toured the building. She was appalled. Green pool,poop in the stairwells,rude low life esl students. After the story broke Prospera was quick to sack that low life George and get the place cleaned up. The owner of Prospera Realty The Lee family ( Robert. H ) was a Chancellor and Govenor at UBC. Funny how he and his son Derek lived a double li

fe. Slum landlords on the side....Well it's cleaned up now and its a good place to live....Maria did a good job....

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Maria is a real life saver! Since she took over from that bum the place dramatically improved. No more freaky looking people hanging out outside, coming in and out. Repairs are done quickly. The pool actually gets cleaned!!!! I never saw George do that once in the 3 years I had to deal with him. He smoked in the office, had an S&M locker thing set up by the pool area. I could go on for days about how bad he was. 1255 Pendrell is now a place you can live comfortably and know you will be treated w

ith respect.

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I have lived in this building for many years and the present manager, Maria, has worked very hard to fix the many problems that were plaguing the building for many years. The building is fresh and clean and getting better and better. I have not heard of any bed bug problem or continues bad behaviour as the main 'trouble makers' have been removed from the building and the rules are explained very clearly to any new tenants that are moving in. 1255 is now a great place to live and I am now proud t

o bring friends home as I no longer feel that I am living in a 'hole'.

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Again, I am not surprised there are bedbugs at this location. I used to leave here in the late 90's and, back then, it was cockroaches. The building has always been a haven for ESL exchange students who are rude and think nothing of cramming 20 people into a small apartment. Also, the 3 a.m. parties and lit cigarettes being thrown out of windows do nothing for the ambience (let alone safety) of the building. Prospero has never really cared about this problem and the former manaager George was

an alcoholic who would drink himself into a stupor every evening (probably just to deal with the noise). I also think that the transient nature of the occupants has benefitted the company in so much as the former manager used to intimidate the tenants and keep the damage deposits of the unruly students resulting in a nice little business for himself.

The only way this building will ever clean up is to evict everybody, completely overhaul it and then properly screen potential tenants.

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When I was looking for accommodation in the WE bedbugs were always a concern, and after reading previous postings on this page that became question #1 to the landlord. I've been living in this building for quite a few months now and I'm so happy to say that I've never had any bedbug problems, not heard anyone else complain about them. All I can say the property is run very well. Management is very attentive and take care of day to day situations promptly and efficiently. Ever since I moved in th

is building, never had to come to this page again, except out of curiousity, today!

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im moving here and im just wondering what floors the bed bugs have been found on?

I recently found Bedbugs in my apartment. I have lived in this building for quite some time now and this is the first time. This has royaly freaked me out - i never even knew this was a problem. Maria has been great so far - so I will report this to her ASAP. I want them out!

We have bed bugs and we moved in here two months ago. The problem I don't think is huge, we only found about ten of them but we threw out our bed anyways... Maria is having our place fumagated quiet soon , she seems to be on top of the problem/

Just watch out they are still in the building.

I have also recently moved to 1255. I have talked to Maria and she is trying very hard to clean up the place. She admitted the big amount of ESL and as new tenants move in, they are going to be screened more thoroughly; she mentioned she is looking more for working individuals. Locks have been changed recently and she is concerned and on top of the building safety. I have not had any problems with security, I used to live in outer Vancouver and living in this building is the best thing that ever

happened to me. She is on top of the bedbug problem too and so far, I have no had any problem nor have I heard any recent incidents/breakouts. She was clear that she has fumigated the place many times, that management is spending whatever money it takes to clear the problem and that she is confident to say that the bed bugs are gone.

I think progress is being done. Of course, there are things from previous management that need to be addressed, but as far as I have been in there, things are improving at a fast rate. I praise Maria and Lluvia for their great efforts.

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This building is a sinking ship. The sheer magnitute of ESL students compounds the problem. Their tenants also take theri infested belongings and hold street garage sales at neighbouring yards and parks selling off the infested belongings to unsuspecting purchasers. Police are now responding quickly to this illegal vending which should greatly contain the bedbug problem.

At least management is listening and making an effort now although it is too late for myself. Had to move out on accoun

t of no sleep, people loitering, unsafe, and scary looking people coming and going 24/7

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I have lived at 1255 Pendrell Street in the West End for a few years now and have watched the building hit bottom and now it is getting better and better every month. The new manager, Maria has worked very hard to turn things around in the building which is now much cleaner, quieter (not perfect but getting better monthly and the building is in the middle of a noisy part of the ciy), and the bed bug problem seems to have been brought under control. A few months ago this building was a horrible

place to live and now I can honestly say I am happy to come home and I do not feel ashamed anymore having friends over.
Maria has kept every promise made to me and to others that have made the same comment in the building. She has saved us, me anyway.
We also have an assistant manager, Lluvia, who works so very hard and makes herself available at all hours to solve any problems and she does so with a smile and honest dedication to her job.
I can hardly wait to look back in a few months and with a few months of good experiences behind me I will have little memory of the dirty, bug infested, noisy, party central, juvenile behaviour from before.

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The building is getting more better. The bed bugs seem to move around or hide and then come again. The noise is getting more better but there are still some loud parties especially on the weekends and the students don't care and are very rud. I will stay for while and see if it get more better more or I will move to my friends building.
The noice is much better than before when there were parties every night and peoples don't talk about bugs very much any more. The new manager is very nice an

d so is the helping manager, Juvia. The building is more cleaner now also.

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I Love Maria!! i moved in here in December and i was worried about the problem & my noisy neighbours who played loud music at 3am. Since then everything is quiet and it's a real pleasure living here.

I live at 1255 pendrell..ive had a bad problem with the bugs in recent past,,but,,,since new management ,,,Maria....she has done a great job at trying to fix the problem,,,vastly improved...my apt has been sprayed several times and things are so much better..the building is now much cleaner and the problem tenants seem to have been dealt with..so things are really looking up,,,thanks to Maria...im crossing my fingers that the bugs will be gone for good.

The new Manager is great! She's on top of the bedbug problem. She's determined fix the disaster the old manager created. I hope they get rid of all the garbage tenants "G" allowed to move in.

Thank goodness for Maria! Now there will be no more bachelor apartments with 20 ppl living in it, midnight fire "drills", loitering junkies, odd smells,...etc. Oh and she doesn't smoke in the office and stink up the whole lobby.

Hi please help im moving into this building tomorrow !!!! im worried about this bedbug problem. can anyone please tell me if the problem still exists, and is the new manager resolving all this problems??? please tell me :S

Now, I live in 1255apt.
Since new manager came in apartment.
this apartmenet is getting better.
I never seen bedbugs and heard any noise.
and swimming pool was remodeling.
I think It\'s a good apartment.

I'm going to look at an apartment there next week and apparently they're renovating everything. We'll see...

Aparently there's a new manager there now, my new apartment there was cleaned & has new interior,

i dont see any sign on bedbugs...... i'm worried though!

I moved in on Nov 1st and had all my stuff moved out by Nov 3rd....DON\'T MOVE HERE!!!! I was told there were no problems with the place.....then found out through the janitors that they needed to fumigate my apartment 808!!!!! The management is terrible, my place wasn\'t even cleaned for me to move into, i didn\'t get to unpack anything and i\'m glad i didn\'t
STAY OUT!!!!!!

OMG im gonna be moving into 1255 Pendrell next week!

now im reading that this place is dirty & has bugs & animals all over the place ?

say it isn't true?

Building very dirty, it is basically a "youth hostel" with transient students moving in-and-out constantly. This has led to a very bad bed bug infestation that is spreading from floor-to-floor.

Elevators and all common areas are constantly filthy. Building management tries to keep clean but the sheer volume of young people living and partying in the building makes it impossible to keep up.


We Live at 1255 Pendrell Street and we are currently getting our rounds of pesticide spray for bedbugs. I have talked with other units and they have discovered bedbugs as well. Landlord is pretty quick to get someone in to spray as this is a serious issue. As for the building.. its dirty, theres a lot of transient students and the building is not maintained very well.

I just want to know how this building handled the problem seeing i'm moving into it at the end of the month!

845 Mc bride BLVD new west

bed bugs found in all three bed rooms as well living room.
2 bed are brand new, (3monts old) sofa is new as well. landlord has done nothing about problem but asured me that they will look into the problem, still waiting 2 week have pased and we are still being bit.

bugs all over bed,,,,had to throw out bed now,,,,now in my sofa....getting bad,,,telling landlord now........enough is enough..its bad

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