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We had cockroaches and a mouse too in November. They were both sighted on the same night. The building manager had an exterminator come in a couple days later. The mouse is still around, but we haven't seen any cockroaches since. They certainly aren't gone though. Bed bugs has come up as a possibility within the past month. I had bites on my face, but we haven't been able to find any to confirm it.

We don't have bedbugs; however there have been multiple cockroach sightings & we do have mouse that keeps popping up. Our landlady responded after we harboured some ill feelings about all this. She had an exterminator come in; he was this sweet little old guy but he didn't solve the problem..

In August I had some red marks on my arm, but since I had been camping and am a target for mosquitoes I sort of ignored the problem. At the beginning of September I saw the little suckers up close and knew what the real problem was. The building manager did not want to discuss this, or do anything about it and assumed that we were lying about this. Because clearly that is a fun thing to do.

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