1160 Haro St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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I am wondering what units had the recent bed bug sigthing?

Thank you.

Lived here for 6 months last year. Was fine for a couple of months then bang! Bed Bugs everywhere.

Complained to the supers but they didn't do anything about it for months.

AVOID folks!

i am trying to contact Teresa DALPHOND AT 1802 - 1160 HARO ST, vancouver and have not heard from her since 1990's.

This dear friend from 50 years ago in Madrid would help me regarding your bug situation. If anyone knows her, Guy or family, please ask them to contact me,

margaret in Vauxhall London, England

[email protected]

Apartment # 1103, August 12th, 1160 Haro central plaza

Not sure how they appeared, just suddenly were there. Had them for at least a month, or at least that is when we started seriously noticing the bites. The apartment is being sprayed for the second time today.

Have steamed everything I could, sauna-fied everything that I can bring down (sealed in bags of course). I am hoping this isn't related to the other apartments that have been contaminated (1101?). It's even worse to consider the o

nes that aren't listed here (there are more, I have heard of them. Not sure of apartment #'s tho).

This isn't even the first time in this apartment. Happened before 3 years ago, but I think they used stronger chemicals back then. Only needed to be sprayed once.

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HI, i had the same problem at 1101 1160 haro st. vancouver west end. i lived there for 2 years . I HAD SO MANY PROBLEMS. they spray my apt for 3 times. i had nightmares cause of that. i lost a lots of money . my bed of 1500 dol was full of bedbugs.. i was blending like crazy everyday . I t was horrible. the manager said that was my furniture which i bought new from Ikea. SO of course could not be my furniture. i had so many headache cause of that.for 1 month i slept on living-room scared to be

in my room.this building is full of bedbugs.. my frind form 16 floor had the same problem too. we lost so many furniture and lots of money and night without slep.

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I was the previous tenant in 1101-1160 Haro and as soon as i moved in a year before you i started seeing signs of bed bugs
the landlord, the previous one, told me it must have been my furniture
which was all brand new and pretty unlikely. when i moved in they had sprayed it for bedbugs...they still appeared and i had to have my place sprayed 4 times before they went away, but evidently they didnt if you came and saw them
i had to buy another new mattress and throw out my bed frame

1202 Harwood Street, West End (many suites in the building).

Have had many outbreaks in many suites over the past couple of years. Repeated spraying doesn't seem to eliminate them... they seem to be moving between the suites possibly thru the heaters.. the heaters run from suite to suite with holes in the walls where bedbugs could travel between suites easily. When they spray one suite, the lucky bugs that might be in the carpet or cracks near this hole can get out and travel to the next

suite to avoid the poison, thereby infecting that next suite.

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Dear Sirs,

I found numerous bedbugs in my new bed last September 25, 2007. These bedbugs ruined my new bed , bedsheets,bags, clothes and pillows which I bought when I moved to 1101 1160 haro st.

Since spring of 2007, I have been looking for an apartment in downtown which will give me the comfort and enjoyment which is why I decided to sign the lease contract for a year since june 2007. With all the bugs peste

ring my unit , newly bought furnitures were damaged not to mention red marks all over my body which are traced of bites. This INCOVENIENCE has cost me $1800 furnitures and sleepless nights .

Now i dont have place to go and and i dont think i can get my money back.

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