1155 Harwood St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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Use the only HEALTH CANADA REGISTERED Bed Bug Powder - Diatomaceous Earth.

Contact the Canada Bed Bug Prevention Center direct 604.628-1929 or email preventbedbugs@hotmail.com

We moved out of 1155 Harwood Street, the Lincoln house last July.
We did not move because of bed bugs or rude managers.

Steve and Monica went above and beyond for us and always treated us with respect.
Being in our early 20's, it is a constant problem we have had with other landlords, but not with them.

I believe they treat you with the respect you deserve.
Remember they only work for the company, they don't make all of the huge decisions.
If you walk in there grumpy and acting like a

n immature baby pouting because you have bed bugs of course they are going to treat you like a child.
They don't plant those bed bugs in your apartment, nor do they want you to have them.

I bet if you walked in with a good attitude expressing yourself, they would be doing something about it the moment you left the office.

Anyways, I was just trying to find the postal code and this came up.
Remember sillies, respect is given where it is earned.

see full report...

Is anyone able to tell me what apartments were affected and has this been a long running problem (to your knowledge)? Thanks

We had nothing but bed bugs in our unit, as the floor below us had a bad run of bugs and the manager only spayed one apartment of the eight. Manager, we also found very rude.

Yes it is true that the management has been good with dealing with bedbugs in general. I agree with the guy above the managers in the building are the rudest managers that I have ever run across.

Buildling apparently has some bedbug problems, which makes sense given the frequency of comings and goings. Manager here is very rude to occupants on a regular basis also. I wouldn't recommend this building as a homely place to live.

Sustained bug bites overnight for five nights in early October 2010. May not have been bed bugs but building manager say the building has had "small" episodes of bed bugs which were "under control".

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