1150 Burnaby St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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I found blood on the sheets again and woke up with several bites even after we tried getting rid of them three times now. Needless to say we are moving but we wanted to let people know that this place definitely has a problem. We've complained to management about this problem but they just brush us off. Please take this into consideration before you decide to rent here.

Went to this location to cat sit for a friend. After the second night i saw blood on the sheets and later that night actual bugs on the pillow and mattress. i received so mnay bites i did not count them but am sure it was over 100. the res manager said he had never seen that many bites on someone or that many bugs on a mattress. i left to sleep in my car and finally out of the place after 5 days. three weeks later i am in my third location and woke up this morning with what looks like more bites

on my shoulder. no sign of them though. i therefore won't list the place i am at as i may be having a late reaction to the original bites.
i am calling sniffer dogs in as well as a containment unit to put my things in a try to ascertain if my belongings are hosting.

the mattress has been removed but get this...

VIP, the company called to remove the mattress tried to take it out without wrapping it first and only after being told they HAD to by the manager did they actually do it. This matress was crawling with them and they were going to drag it through the hallway and down the elevator. No wonder this problem i hard to get rid of when you have untrained people posing as pest controllers. yikes.

my saga still goes on and the occupant of the suite is still out of town on vacation.

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