1134 Burnaby St
Vancouver, BC V6E

Found 3 reports:

Beware of 1134 Burnaby Street! Owner is currently listing apartments for rent in the Province Newspaper even with an ongoing epidemic of bedbugs!

The hoarders in #105 have had a very serious bedbug problem for over a year which spread to over 5 - 6 neighboring apartments in the building. #105 has had three heat treatments and many sprays!

The owner has not acted fast enough to contain the problem. Just today a few bedbugs were spotted on the stairwell walls.

Also Reports of bedbugs co

ming from the bathtubs pipes in two different apartments.

Please stay very very far away from this building if you value your sanity and personal belongings.

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There is a current infestation that has been spreading through the building. The bed bugs are crawling up through the drainage pipes. The problem is not being dealt with adequately. The entire building needs to be treated. This has been ongoing for months.

Units #102, #207 & #208 wasrecently hit by bedbugs. The units in question already had tenants renting the places for a minimum of a year/ However, in the recent 2 weeks, we had reports of bedbugs for these three units. The exterminator was called in and their assesment was that the infestation is quite severe. Contamination and extermination procedures has been carried out for the three units in question, however, it is not known how many more units are affected as neighbouring units have yet to

file any reports of bedbugs.

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No nearby bug reports