1126 Barclay St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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I lived in this building from 2007-2009. Before I moved in I asked the landlady if there had been any reports of bedbugs. She told me no. The month after my roomate and I moved in I caught a bedbug in my bed. They called pest control and since I had it in a glass cup he confirmed that it was a bedbug. My roomate and I had numerous bites all over our bodies and it cost us quite a bit of money to wash and dry our clothes and belongings. I have heard of other reports of bedbugs in this building and

it is disguisting. It is true that bedbugs are an epidemic in vancouver but I despise landlords who lie to tenants just to "seal the deal". I did stay there for a year and a half after the incident and I didnt have anymore bites. I would not recommend moving into this building.

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