1122 Haro St
Vancouver, BC V6E
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To Whom It May Concern,

We have been reading the posts of a supposed tenant with major bedbug problems at our building.
We have NEVER had anything like that happen.
Once a tenant reported they suspected bedbugs we IMMEDIATELY called our pest control specialist,PCO Orkin, a well known and trusted company, gave the tenant detailed instructions on how to prepare, offered them help, bags, tape, etc… and worked with them through the whole procedure to completion.
We have had VERY few be

dbug problems and the ones we did have were cleared up as quickly as possible, with scheduled visits,the first within days if not the same day, to ensure nothing was missed.
Bedbugs can arrive on luggage, clothing, backpacks in delivery vans,shoes to name but a few ways!
We even outlined each suite with diatomaceous earth and filled in wall plugs to prevent bugs, all or any, travelling suite to suite.
We have notices posted in our elevators informing everyone of this unique Vancouver problem.
We strongly discourage tenants buying used or flea market finds and we discuss bedbugs when anyone enquires about available suites.
To our knowledge, we are going above and beyond to protect our tenants and will continue to do so.
For those of you using this registry to ascertain the cleanliness and quality of our building I would advise you to be aware disgruntled tenants could falsely post here, misaddressed posts,etc…there are no guidelines and it seems to me little is done to make sure the posts are correct.
We do not have a way to refute these posts so we are writing this.

Thank you,

Inez Waddell

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I had bed bugs in this apartment for about 3 months during the summer of 2009. I had the apartment sprayed twice using the manager's pest control contact. They went away for a little while and then showed up again in August. Tired of the unsuccessful attempts prior to this and the manager's unreliable contact, who would fail to show up for scheduled appointments and then choose to come three days later, I finally hired a seperate company to come and spray my apartment, and only then was the infe

station found in the floor boards of one of the rooms.

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Got bites and found a bedbug in August 2009. Reported it to manager who was very knowledgeable and got an exterminator in to spray ours and adjacent units immediately. They followed up with another spray about 3 weeks later. Manager then had cracks/crevices/outlets/etc sealed to prevent spread in event of future infestation.

No problems since. I wish I could put a green dot on the map, I feel safe from bedbugs living here.

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