1122 Burnaby St
Vancouver, BC V6E

Found 4 reports:

Sorry... building across the street is 1123 Burnaby!

I have been in this building since May 2012 and have not seen or heard of any bed bugs. I have seen two roaches a few months back but management had a exterminator in the building within 48 hours and dealt with it. I asked other tenants about roaches and bedbugs and no one here has reported anything. My neighbors have been here over 2 years.

Now the building across the street (1122 Burnaby Street) is another story.....

Ive found a bed bug here in September 2009.

i moved in on sept1 by oct 1st i found 2 bedbugs on my bed, i checked the seams everyday on sept 30th i found the 2, i asked the landlord if there was a bedbug problem "ever" in this building, he clearly stated NO, 2 weeks after i moved in, the neighbour told me about the bedbug problem 6 months ago

No nearby bug reports