1120 Barclay St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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There have been multiple incidences of bedbugs at 1120 Barclay over the last 7 years, on the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th floors as well as the 11th. I can confirm that suite 1102 had a major infestation at the end of Dec 2012 which has been sprayed once.

Management does spray promptly, however they do not notify other tenants that bedbugs have been found on their floor, or that they should take precautions and check for bugs. Bedbugs have been found in at least 3 suites on the 11th floor now. In pr

evious years, the 6th and 7th floor had suites repeatedly experiencing infestation.
Though management does spray when reported, because they do not notify the other tenants or check the other suites, other infestations may go noticed for some time, creating populations that can re-introduce themselves to other suites.

The bugs can crawl under doors as well as going through the electrical outlets.

Also, this building a very high percentage of ESL students from Asian countries from countries like Japan and Korea which, I am told, never eliminated bedbugs from the general population... and often bring bugs with them with them in their luggage.

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After one week of moving in my roomates started being bitten by bedbugs, I moved in this month, one month later and after one week I am now also being bitten by bedbugs. We have contacted management who will fumigate the apartment next week, they claimed that we are the only apartment to be affected by this yet. Talking to some other tenants in the building though it seems that many people have had similar problems within a week of moving in, one person claimed that they had made a complaint to

a previous manager and nothing had been done about it. The management is in the process of changing right now and the temporary manager is taking very prompt and correct action regarding the bed bugs, however it seems that the problem is more wide spread in the entire building, however I can not prove this only that we have had problems on the 11th(top) floor and that there will be presumably more problems in the floors below us as the bedbugs have to have been making their progress slowly up the building, giving that bedbugs do not fly.

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