1115 Nelson St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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I noticed my furniture had suddenly started to look dirty and worn. I cleaned everything & within hours it was dirty & uncomfortable. White creamy drops were on my couch, dresser ect soon after I wiped them off. Specks of debris would be on the carpet& floor. What looks like hair & carpet fluff piled up quickly under furniture & would [email protected] night.
I now have a full blown infestation & have thrown out most of my furniture.
I explained what was happening to the management. Clifton, came

to my apt with the regular scheduled Wednesday AllProPestControl technician.
The 'pest inspector', walked into my apartment wearing dirty gloves, boots with tread , after went straight to my bed , took my sheets & pillows off & put them on my problem furniture& carpet.
Told me my bed was clean & on his way. I explained to him the activities & showed him the evidence of activities & destruction.
By his response & lack of attention or investigation to detail , my findings & corcerns were not addressed. what appeared to be total ignorance

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I have lived at 1115 Nelson for 5 years I have been infected with bedbugs 3 times.

I had 4 runs with bedbugs in 2 years. BC housing said that I am very lucky to have a prime real estate location and that they pay for spraying here.

They didn't want me to move out (I have moved out because I knew with my mental health issues I couldn't handle another infestation regardless of the view or spot in Vancouver). I was told what if I moved out and then got stuck in a shelter and got another round of bedbugs there? Where no one would pay to spray it, what would I do then?

I was told by Igor (who is the guy to contact if you need help in BC Housing apparently) that all BC Housing had bedbugs in them. So they have no "safe" living space to offer me.

I guess if you want a reasonable rent because you are disabled and unable to work or retired and can't afford to live without subsidized housing you have to put up with bedbugs and poison sprayed in your apartment.

I walked away without my furniture. Once the PTSD symptoms ease and I know longer have "headbugs" I will look for somewhere clean to live.

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I cannot believe what i am seeing. So many people have been getting sprayed lately it is absolutely insane. I am seeing them in my halfway on the walls on the ceiling, even in the stairway as i was going to do my laundry. Today i saw the pest control going to multiple floors, i dont know how they r going to contain this, i am so paranoid they will come into my suit. i really think they should take a day and spray every suit, every hall and stair way have people leave for the day that is the onl

y way i think this problem may get under control. Otherwise it seems they r spraying the suits and some of the bugs are just moving floors. I am so paranoid, i can barely sleep at night something has to be done. People need to be vigilant i think so many dont report they have a problem in their apartment some are on meds and just sleep thru the bites at night. i am so upset it almost doesnt feel good coming home. And i was so excited to finally get subsidized housing and now this nightmare:(

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Sept2011 just noticed a bed bug bite and one bed bug on my bed at the time I got bit. I think I woke up from the bite as I woke up scratching my arm. And actually saw the bug. I freaked out took my bed apart using high powered flashlight looked everywhere and did not see a single bug eggs or their shit. I am still freaking out as I got bit last night. Again took bed apart didn't see a single one.So if I didn't see a single one does that mean they r just slowly moving and I will be seeing tons so

on OMG What am I supposed to do? I know the building has or had them I don't talk to many people nor do I have anyone come over or bring used crap home. How the hell did they get to my place? Walk across the hall was the last person not tasty enough for them. Anyone living in building reading this.. Do I tell the management will they do something?? I am freaking out lol

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I have lived in this building for about 7 years and I've been attacked about 3 times with bed bugs.
Management only deals with them on an as per need basis. It appears the bedbugs know how to move from food source to food source. So spray one suite and the survivors' manage their way to someone else's sweet.

It isn't a surprise the infestation at 1115 Nelson continues. No notices are posted on floors being sprayed and they simply move on to the next apartment. My neighbour was sprayed 4 times without anyone on our floor being notified or notice posted. Now Two other apartments have them.

The building is run by B.C. Housing so if you complain about it you're harassed and threatened with eviction.

you are right..i live at 1111 and its nuts..we have bites all over...this westend is a total dump...

As if a wave had struck, many people reported bed bug problems in the high-rise (the entire building -- 20 storeys-- is infected).

Why all of a sudden?

To this day, the problem remains. The surrounding district is infested as well, so I am told.

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