1095 Bute St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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I moved in January 6th, 7th i had red dots on my arms and it spread into my whole body within next 4days. I was certified, it was scabies… I told landlord about it, but he refuse to disinfect the house. I can’t go back to house because of the infection, but I can’t just move on because of the deposit. I wish I found this site earlier..

Moved into a newly renovated apartment on the 7th floor, and within 3 months, we had a full-on case, and we had to throw out our mattress. We\'re having the place fumigated today (04/14/2009), and sealing up all the baseboard gaps, and placing covers on the outlets. Yesterday, there were 5 mattresses outside of the building, and the new manager said they were infested. The building is paying for the fumigation, and I\'ll post an update on the results within a few months.

I lived for five months on 7th floor at Saint James Court and my suite was infested of bedbugs. Manager never did anything to solve the situation.I moved out 4 months ago and before that my friend have to throw away almost all his furniture.Company never finished the threatment in his apartment. Nowadays,manager was dismissed but the problem is still there. I thing downtown is infested of bedbugs.That's disgusting.

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