1075 Jervis St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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IF anyone has a pest problem please report it to the manager the worst thing that can happen if a unit goes untreated, that is how it speads

May / 15 / 15

There are all types of insects in the place

Bedbugs , spiders , cockroaches , and weird insects that I see for the first time in my life . I don't cook there because there are lots of insects . The management is suck and never care about nothing . Even though if you stand all that dirts you might find in the building , the management will take all your deposit without a reason . I have been living there for 2 years and lots of problems that I have been seen there in my apar

tment or hear from my neighbors . My advice to all of you living in shelter would be much much better than live in 1075 Jervis ST . And those management must go to court because they are careless

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does anyone know the current state of this building as of january 2013?

I discovered 1 bedbug in my bed in January. (I was looking for them since the local news reporters made a piece on the building/slumlord in which I could see other tenants having problems with bedbugs)

I threatened the landlord to deduct the costs of an exterminator from the rent if he didn't send someone asap, so he did. The guy that came, told me he has to be in the building WEEKLY and that there is no end to it, as all the walls are hollow and they are everywhere. (and can survive 1 year w

ithout food!)

I have a bed on legs, rubbed them with Vaseline, put traps, bought an expensive cover for the mattress and put powder everywhere. After that I was fine, but I saw other tenants coming out with all their clothes in garbage bags...


Not only bedbugs... Mold, weird tasting tap water, no fan in the bathroom, not enough heating in the winter (uncontrollable heating and a cheap landlord), plenty of infested mattresses in the basement, no recycling,... The landlord is a real slumlord with a case from the city going against him.

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Most of the problems with bed bugs are caused not by landlords or building owners but by tenants who bring them into the building.

Landlords spend a great deal of money trying to control this pest and they are not the ones that create the problem

If tenants would not pick up used beds and couches off the streets and garbage bins this problem would be greatly reduced.

Bed bugs are a result of tenants not taking care of their own problems. However landlords and building managers are th

e ones that pay the bills to rid them. Now if the tenants that bring this problem into the building would also pay their rents in accordance to the agreements the bed bugs again would be treated.

As you can now see bed bugs are a problem everywhere and caused not by buidling owners but irresponsible tenants that bring the dam pests into the building

So everyone stop complaining and work with building mangers to resolve the issues. You dont want bed bugs dont pick up used furniture off the streets. Pay your rents on time and be responsible in how you live in a building.

This is true in all buildings. As for those that refuse to put their names on complaints... are you someone who creates the further problem by not paying your rent on time or bringing in the pests in the first place.

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good luck every body.This is Canada, bed bug are common here, be pattient, it would be treated in time.

I was living at 1245 20th Ave in Prince George BC in another of these asshole's buildings (a 12 story highrise) when suddenly, one of the apartments on the fifth floor burst into flames.

At 5:25 in the AM on November 3rd, it burned through the apartment like a fire naturally does. it was reported to the fire department no sooner than 6:15 am by a passing motorist. At 635 am the alarms went off (the ones that worked!!!!) and were largely ignored due to the large number of false alarms tha

t have occurred in the past few months. Many people were trapped by smoke and had to be rescued from balconies and guided through smoke filled halls; total evacuation announced around 10 am.

The cause of the fire could not be determined. it had burned so hot it had destroyed all evidence. The flames blew out of the window with such force, the flames roared up 3 04 4 floors. It blew out the door to the balcony, the door to the hallway and the window frames. It totaled the entire 5th floor.

At 12 noon all us tenants were moved from the small temporary gathering area to a larger venue housing red cross disaster relief registration center. we patiently waited word of when we could return home. We were told to expect to spend a day or two at a hotel.

The day or two at a hotel became a week. One became 2. Then 3. We had "community meetings" to keep the evacuees (88 or more people displaced) updated on the status of the building and to encourage us to move on. Once Sonny (Sumi's son; the supposed manager of the building) attended a meeting and sneered at the whole group of tenants. He had no sympathy for us; after all, he was displaced too... He promptly scampered back to the shelter of Vancouver and vanished. At least the media and many other official forces that were involved with emergency shelter / relocation assistance (City of Prince George, Provence of British Columbia, the Canadian Red Cross and the Salvation Army) could not find them.

Whenever we entered the building to gather what belongings we have the apartment staff would hassle us and tell us we had 2 hrs to move our "shit" out of the place. Neither elevator worked due to the fire. ever since the fire, life has been unsettled; Pacific West Property agents did nothing to address our concerns or sympathize with us in any way; often amplifying our worst fears.

The last of the evacuees are now leaving the hotel properties into new, safer housing. We are just learning the building at postal code V2L-4B2 was a deathtrap. I have a feeling our Prince George community will join your efforts in this; those basterds did nothing to address issues with the building in over 20 years. Thanks for getting this started!

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Bed Bugs, excessive, dangerous mold and other toxic materials continue to infest this entire building. Nav Joet (Perry) Reg (Sumi), Sunny and Lena Mehta are a family of psychopathic criminals. The police, Sheriffs and Health Inspectors know this family well.

They continue to exploit, abuse, deceive, bully and threaten their tenants. They also have many other slum properties around Vancouver. 650 West 41st Ave, 4735 West 6th Ave, 2609 Granville St. 6630 Telford Ave, 1515 E 6th Ave, 1422 East

3rd Ave etc

If you have not signed a Move In Inspection they must return your full damage deposit (This is the law)They also illegally ask for key and garbage deposits, which are illegal. Refuse to pay these.

Do NOT rent from these evil, greedy monsters!

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Summer 2011, bed bugs on the 3rd floor. My friends moved out of the 2nd floor a month ago because of the same reason. Managers don't do anything. One lady won a lawsuit against them but they never paid her.

After Reg Mehta denied repeatedly that there was a bed bug infestation at 1075 Jervis St, my entire suite became infested with a severe outbreak. My body was covered in horrible red, itchy bites. I lost thousands of dollars in furniture, bedding, clothes etc. I suffered from severe sleep deprivation and weight loss, loss of income etc.

This problem has persisted at 1075 Jervis St. for years with the Mehta family constantly denying this fact, failure to inform new tenants of the infestation an

d complete negligence.

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I can't wait to move out of here as soon as possible. Bedbugs are migrating throughout the building and the slum landlords don't f%*#ing care. Sooo many people are moving out at once, there's entire floors vacated because of the bed bug problem that the management is too cheap and too damn disrespectful to deal with. DO NOT MOVE IN TO THIS BUILDING.

I feel for you all, this is a very difficult bug to get rid of. Owners & managers need to look at safer ways to eliminate bed bugs. Heat treatment eliminates all stages of bed bugs & their eggs using commercial bed bug heaters. If done properly, it can be 100% effective in one treatment and is safe for your tenants. Safe for the lanlords and owners in regards to future lawsuits as you have not used pesticide & you have used the best available product to remedy the bed bug infestation. There are

many Thermal Remediation Experts across Canada. Good luck to all of you!

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DONT MOVE IN ! The whole building is infested, I lived there for 6 months in the summer of 2010, it ruined my relationship i had to throw out most of my stuff and all my furniture. I saw the landlords ripping down letters people had posted about how they had bedbugs and the landlords had told them they had never had problems, I saw this letter right after I gave my notice, stating that it was bullshit they lied, while they told me again they had never heard of any such thing as the desk woman sh

uffled her papers there was a stack of bedbug fumigation reports.

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The Mehta family who owns Pacific West Properties deny that there has ever been an infestation of any kind on their property. After repeated denial for three months, and other tenants washing all their belongings in an effort to reduce the spread, my suite is now compltely infested and my body covered in red, itchy bites. By law, this is considered a health and saftey crisis and the landlord must fumigate the entire building with a licensed fumigator. A landlord must also legally post a public n

otice informing tenants of the infestation.

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Bed bugs just found on 5th floor. I suspect they were transferred through laundry room as another resident had been in there washing bed bug contaminated items last week.

bed bugs found on 3rd floor

every floor has bedbugs in this building. do not move in!!!

may 5th, 2010

I lived in an apartment there and my Buddy got scabbies, and there were roaches back in 2006.

1075 Jervis St. 8th floor Vancouver BC Sept. 2006, I moved out after a month, the manager claimed 'he never heard of them' after i showed him one. Other tenants also had the '3 bite' syndrome. I left my damage deposit beccause it SUCKS to live with them...

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