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we were getting bites about a month or so after we moved in and couldn't find anything. a couple weeks ago we found an actual bed bug and then a nest. just today, the neighbouring suite threw out saran wrapped furniture. the landlady has a tendancy to blame whoever is in the suite for whatever goes wrong with it so we are just moving immediately. DO NOT MOVE INTO A SUITE UNLESS YOU GET PROOF IT HAS BEEN TREATED! judging by the previous posts, it looks like they have just been migrating through t

he walls in the building.(there is also extensive water damage in the building)

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I just found them in my apartment, they are still in the building. The managers were very responsive, my unit will be sprayed as soon as possible. However, it's pointless to spray one unit at a time, they seem to just be moving around.

I've consistently heard from people in this building that the managers like to blame the person with the bugs for bringing them into the building even though they know it's been a problem for nearly 9 months. They tried it with us too. The same old story, don't take that bullshit. If you don't get anywhere fast with them, talk to the tenancy board. This is the kind of problem that screws with your head in a big way and your life. Living out of plastic bags and not sleeping at night for the barg

ain price of (insert monthly rent here) blows! Not to mention the additional cost and labor of laundering EVERYTHING repeatedly and replacing furniture.

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We had bedbugs in this same building. It sounds like the problem started sometime around October 2009 and has just spread since. My apartment was infested in mid-january and the last sign I've had of them was mid-april. The apartment was sprayed a number of times and seems to be fine now but from the sounds of it (and the insecticide powder all over the hallways) they are still circulating pretty heavily in the building. I've heard of lots of people in the building having trouble with the manage

ment doing what is necessary to get rid of these buggers but they were cooperative about having our apartment sprayed a number of times. Be insistent and persistent! Rodents were also a problem in our apartment but that seems to be under control now as well. What a royal-bloodsucking-pain-in-the-arse!!!

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I've lived here since january and I got bit within the first 4 days. I thought I was tripping out but after I realized that the nursery rhyme is true and very real!!! my suite has been sprayed 6 times and still I find one at 5am every morning.... I'm going absolutely crazy and I don't know where to live anymore... its really not cool and the west end is infested with this freaking plague.. my landlord is not being cool at all and won't pay for shit, though the managers are trying to do their bes

t but now they hate me because my apartment seems to be the headquarters of the bed bug nation... it may sound like I'm joking but I'm quite delirious from this insane reoccuring incident..

don't know what to say more but the bed bugs have tattooed my body with their bitemarks.. anyways hopefully others will let people knkow this is a serious problem and we all should figure out this epidemic in the west end


p.s. the bed bugs have made reservations and I'm late^^

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Sorry dude, I just figured out that the lady (landlord) was lying about it. We didn't have the bugs at the time but had rodents and we complained but the lady blamed it on us and said we weren't clean (we're actually very clean). She said the building is clean and said we're the only ones having problem. She said that they did spraying as a precaution only but we don't have bedbugs (what a liar). Saw the pest control today and all the pesticide for the bedbugs everywhere... what a nightmare! Sor

ry to hear about it dude.

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We have bedbugs and we LIVE in that building! Alex you are CLEARLY lying. What apartment are you in? I would like to confront you. The BEDBUGS are a serious problem here. But, then again maybe you only BEGBUGS.

Our neighbours had begbugs but the management inspected every apartment and did what they were required to do.

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