1059 Nelson St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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i lived in this apartment building for 2 years. after 5 months i noticed there were bed bugs. everything was fine for another 3 months, then i noticed bed bugs again...i asked my landlady where they were coming from and she said the fellow across the hallway, then the person above me had them.

2 weeks later, i noticed bed bugs again. everything was fine for 5 months, then there was another infestation. it turned out that the fellow across the hall from me had HUNDREDS of them on his matt

ress and had not attempted to clean his place.

he was then kicked out of his apartment, and in the process of riping up the carpet and replacing with hardwood, i noticed some bugs come into my suite, and some lingering in the hallway. after another few months there was another infestation.

needless to say i didnt give notice and at this point moved. 5 infestations in a 2 year term is too much.

each time the exterminator came, i noticed there were live bugs around still and had to tell him to spray again. he only sprayed where the bugs were, NOT everywhere. the landlady should have booted the fellow out across the hall a LONG time ago. with her negligence,the exterminators laziness and the idiots in the building not cleaning their suites it is no wonder that the bed bugs continued to thrive.

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