1040 Barclay St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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Situation has been changed drastically.There are no bedbugs what so ever.

Does any know of the current situation here? I am considering moving in and aside from bedbugs I really like the place.

Barclay Mansion.
Bedbugs in 7th floor too!!

Units on both the third and fifth floors are currently reporting bedbug infestations. The new Building manager has not taken an effective action in order to prevent the bedbugs infestation! I think in order to finish this bedbug infestation, the Barclay Mansion need to have a really good fumigation in all its units!

Units on both the third and fifth floors are currently reporting bedbug infestations. If your unit is also affected, and is on another floor, please report. The new Building manager as of May 1st has been telling affected residents that it is only their unit that is affected, however that is untrue.

Currently at Barclay Mansions, bed bugs have been seen in multiple units unfortunately. This situation is very current. Some units have only seen 1 or 2, but other units have them. I will be more specific once I have additional details. To my knowledge, only 2 units have been treated so far, and I am not claiming that all floors are affected.

Barclay Mansion is currently being treated for a bedbug infestation. Atleast one unit is affected and inspections are underway to determine whether additional units are affected.

This is a recurring problem at Barclay Mansion.

an anonymous comment regarding seeing bedbugs in the linens in the laundry room, as well as the stairways is quite sad.

whoever this tenant is/was is not being truthful.

I take offense to their statement since I manage the building for the last 1 1/2 years.

1. The lobby including the laundry room is inspected once a month to ensure no pest/bugs, which since I have been managing have been zero.

2. Yes, we have had bed bugs in some suites BUT immediately they have been address includ

ing the suites above, below and on both sides.

3. Bed bugs do not hang out in stairwells.

4. Bed bugs do not live in dryers, extreme heat kills them.

It's sad that people needs to fabricate stories regarding the truth.

I take great pride in maintaining this building & all one need to do is to ask any tenant who have been here for many years.

It doesn't matter how well kept a building is, bed bugs can get in thru the moving in of furnitures especially beds, couches, etc which are already infested with the bugs.

The only solutions are to immediately get the suite & surrounding suites spray which takes over a 6 weeks period.

Also letting tenants be aware of getting used furnitures, (beds, couches, etc) from the back alleys or free from craiglist etc.

Don't slam my building! It's not the truth.

see full report...

Pulled laundry from dryer and saw live bedbugs in linens.
Have seen them crawling in stairwell carpets.

My suite was recently renovated and I haven't seen any in mine, but I am sure that they have come from another suite as the place is a revolving door of tenants.

Also saw bedbugs in dryer vents.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Building is poorly maintained, and the hallways smell awful. The elevator always breaks and takes days to fix. I recommend staying away!!!

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