1030 Burnaby St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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I have lived at 1030 Burnaby for 6 years now and not one bed bug.
I take dish soap in water and spray it around my base boards then I tape up all pipe entrances to my apartment.
I also take S.O.S pads in water and squeese them into the water and squirt the water on the base boards and window sills.
I then spray with bug and ant spray on base boards once a month.
In 6 years or should I say in every apt I have had in over 45 years I have had O-zero/none/nodda bed bugs or any other bug i

n any apt I have live in.
How cheap is dish soap or are the apt dwellers just to lazy to eliminate these bugs and others.
You can also spray your mattress with bug spray just cover the mattress with a good cover before you sleep on it.

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Filthy, disgusting building with the same quality of a landlord to go with it. Bed bugs will not go away and landlord doesn't care and tells me I am the one to blame. What this place needs is a new landlord. STAY AWAY!!!

bldg is infested. Landlord is great about treating but i have had 3 treatments and its still happening.

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