1288 W Cordova St
Vancouver, BC V6C

Found 2 reports:

Bedbugs all over this building especially in the lobby furniture. It's gross. I've talked to several residents on different floors and they all say the same thing. Management is terrible in this building as they have gone through 2 managers within 2 years. Unbelievable.

We found small bites on our lower extremities. Mainly our feet and ankles. We were confused at first,thinking they must be mosquitos, though our windows are not open. Finally I got suspicious and read up on bed bugs. As soon as I read about the lower extremities commonly being attacked, I knew we had them. What horror! I keep a very clean place and pride myself on doing so. How could this happen? Well, I guess warm weather and a densely populated apartment building will do the trick. I'm totally

paranoid now and have trouble sleeping. We will begin extermination tomorrow morning pronto! I need to get rid of these asap so that I can have peace of mind. Apparently bed bugs are on the rise...this sucks.

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