Seymour St
Vancouver, BC V6B

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October 7th 2011. Stayed on the top floor to the left in a single bed room. Next day I woke up to bites all over my back, shoulders, arms, hands. Blood on the bed from where I must have squashed one of the fuckers.
No good!

The 13th of July/2011 was my very first stay at The Cambie Hostel Gastown on Seymour street in Vancouver B.C.

I was given room 119.Basically dropped my stuff off and went out.Returned late, went directly to bed.Was awoken numerous times "itching".This proceeded to get worse, to the point I got out of my lower bed, and threw on track pants and a shirt.I then left for the Tv room and the ordeal subsided.

Returning,I then lay on top of my covers.This time noticing the new "itching" was on the

exposed parts of my (lower arms & feet)

The following morning I had a strong suspicion what had happened, as it's common knowledge there's a bed bug infestation in Vancouver's East Side, of which the Cambie Hostel Gastown is on the outer border of said infestation. Although, I had wrote it off as possibly a reaction to some medication I had taken for severe back pain.I was actually hoping it was this. The following night would be the telltale, as I was not taking the meds.

The following day (July 14/11) I also had the opportunity to grab the upper bunk, which I did.This time I went to bed with my track pants on. Same thing, I began noticing itching on my exposed parts. After a very restless night, I managed to catch one of the elusive little bastards running on my arm and onto the sheets.Upon checking the Web, it was most definitely a bed bug.

I estimate I was bitten close to 20 times.

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