928 Homer St
Vancouver, BC V6B

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Lack of communication from MGMT.

I have had my unit sprayed 3 times in the last year, due to other units below/above me having infestastions.

Will be moving out....unacceptable.

In June this year I received a notice at my door also stating that bedbugs were found in a storage locker near mine and I was asked to submit my locker key for them to inspect my storage locker. I gave my locker key but went down that night to find my lock (and may other people's locks) cut off and everyone's belongings were unsecure.
I complained to management but was put off with a "your key didn't work" response even though it was an outright lie.
Also never received a follow up regard

ing the bedbug issue. When I asked the manager for the results, he asked me if i had received a second notice, when I denied receiving any other communication, he just said that I didn't have bedbugs then. Wow. Complete lack of communication. The storage room has been treated since then and I hve been unable to go back into my storage locker to check if any of my belongings are missing. Management turnover has been very high in this building for the past couple of years and this most recent manager doesn't seem very effective.

see full report...

I saw a notice on the 3rd floor of the storage area posting DO NOT ENTER and that it was being treated for bed bugs last week. I heard that there were at least 2 floors where bed bugs were found. Not sure what the status is - unless your suite / storage was affected there is no information being shared with other owners.

On July 21st 2011 I received a notice under my door stating that a storage unit close to mine has been infected.
They are checking mine to see if there are any bed bugs in it.

Haven't heard anything or seen anything! Have several friends also living in the building and they have not heard anything either!! All is good in the 928!!

There have been a few reports here, however the building manager is on top of it & it seems to be in control. The strata council is playing a preventative role here! Trouble is that some people don't even know what they are & are not reporting .

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